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Fun People Who Can Officiate Your Big Day

When you plan your  wedding you plan every single solitary detail down to where people sit for your reception and the order that your dance events happen. You make your entire wedding personal and your own. So why not get married and have someone who you love very much officiate the ceremony? Who are fun people to ask to officiate your big day?

How Will This Work?

Get Your Person Ordained

There may not be time to actually get ordained through the church, so luckily you can have your special someone get ordained over the internet. There are a few forms to fill out and small fee to pay, but essentially anyone can get ordained on the internet! This method of getting ordained was questioned by the courthouse, so be sure to check with your local courthouse to see if your ordination is legal!

Courthouse First For The Lovely Couple

If you don’t wish to have someone go through that but you wish to have someone special be part of your wedding, having a courthouse wedding prior to your big day may be best! This will save you time and your special someone the effort of getting ordained if it won’t be legal anyway.

Your Grandparents

Since your parents already play a pretty big role in your wedding, maybe your grandparents would be a cool option! If your grandparents are a close part of your everyday life and you wish for them to be there and support you in one of the biggest ways, have them marry you and the love of your life!

Your Parents

Ok… So your parents may play a large roll in your big day, but what about giving them an even bigger role? Let them have the honor of joining you in marriage.

Your Children

Children? This may seem strange and you can use your children to your benefit. Be sure that they are indeed old enough to actually be ordained and to understand what is going on.

You can also use your children in your vow renewal!

Another Favorite Family Member

Do you have a favorite aunt or uncle?  A cousin that was prominent in your childhood years? Having that special person in your life makes it all the more special when they can be the officiant of you big day!

Your Best Friend

Remember when you met your best friend? Did you ever think that they would be the one marrying you? How cool would it be to have your best friend marry you and your fiancé?

You Favorite Teacher

This one is a bit strange, but that teacher that was super special to you, the one that taught you how to be the person that you are today, could be the person that joins you together as one?

The Person Who Introduced You

What a neat way to pay homage to the person who introduced you to your soon to be spouse! They obviously saw something in the two of you to become one and now your  really are becoming one!

You’ve personalized your entire day to fit you and your spouse perfectly, literally! This day is totally about the two of you and your love that you have together and with your entire family. This is the perfect opportunity to include someone special in your big day in a really big way!

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