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It’s The Most Wonderful Time For A Christmas Wedding

Imagine, the smell of pine and the warm feel of the fire place lingering around in the midst of love. The evening is cool, crisp, and dark. The ground is white and you can hear the sound of peace in the night. Feels like Christmas, yeah? Can you imagine having a wedding during the greatest time of the year?

Invitations and Save The Dates

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 The play on words is amazing!

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No trees, but the colors and the font make you feel as if this is a wonderful Christmas evening wedding!

Your invitations do not have to have Christmas tree balls or Christmas trees on them, after all this event is not about the holiday. You really cannot avoid that that holiday is there, but you can show that you are having a wedding over the holiday, for sure!


This one has to be defined… Green and red can be a gorgeous color combo, but more than likely if you over do it, your day will seem more of a Christmas holiday celebration rather than a wedding.

Try these colors instead:

Marsala, dusty rose, olive, and soft gold.

Marsala and Olive are still a form of green and red, but the dusty pink and gold to accompany them make it a soft winter wedding.

Black, gold, peach, and nude.



The black may seem like it is out of left field, but the lighter colors with pops of black, would make for the most dreamy and elegant wedding!

Red, teal, beige, and black.

Again, black in a wedding? It really doesn’t have to be the main color if you don’t want it to be. Black is a very flat color and will go with the red, teal, and beige wonderfully.

Navy, ice blue, and silver.

The navy, ice blue, and silver are a wonderfully cool style to go with for your cool, elegant winter wedding!

See, you don’t have to use green and red as your main colors. Just pops of colors here and there will do!


Check out this cool decor that you can grab from Etsy!

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Or you can DIY some of your decor, like these!

You’ll need: A wine glass, a berry wreath that will cover the bottom of the stem, sprigs of pine, some cranberries, and floating candle, water, and paint (optional) to paint the stem! Of course, you can do different variations of this! You don’t have to use a wine glass, you can youse a decorative bowl!

Have a handyman? Have him cut various sized slabs out of a tree trunk to place around as decor.

Pine cones for your seating chart? How cool is that!!!

Flowers and Boutonnieres






The bride and her maids

Keep your bridesmaids warm and cozy in their dresses when you take pictures in the gorgeous snowy drifts!

The groom and his men

If the girls get to stay warm, then so do the men, right?


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Everyone is in attendance for your big day because love started a fire in their life, so why not literally start a fire with a pinecone fire starter?


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A candle in a cute little tin can that lets them remember for all of time to come the union of two wonderful people, is a definite must!

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Who doesn’t want S’mores as their favor?! You can enjoy the wedding for even after the wedding is over!

Now that you know how to achieve a wonderful Christmas time wedding, be sure to spend one of the best days of your life with all of your family over the best time of the year. Even if it is frowned upon to get married over this major holiday… Oh what fun it is to ride the marriage sleigh into the new year!  Don’t miss out! Happy planning!


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