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Clearing Up The Confusion Of The Seating Chart!

Let’s clear this up right now… You will want to know this info so read on… there is often a question as to where all the important people sit when it comes to seating at a wedding. I mean, you more than likely have to seat at least one hundred people… So let’s get this straightened out. Who are the vital parties that need to be seated accordingly and who are the people that can be seated as you please?

The Bride and Groom

The bride and groom are a given… They are at the head table, the center of attention where everyone can keep eyes on the brand new Mr. and Mrs! This can be just the two of them or…The Bridal Party can be seated at the head table with the bride and groom, which is common, but you may also have a separate table for the bridal party!

The Significant Others

This may be one that you didn’t think of, because I know I sure as heck didn’t think of significant others when I made my seating chart up. Your bridal party is bound to have significant others and they are bound to be at your wedding. So… Where do they sit?

It is only courteous to have the significant others attend the event and it would be totally rude to have them sitting in left field randomly. So, depending on how big your bridal party is, you can have your bridal party sit with your significant other. If you’re bridal party is too big, sit the significant others either with “like” people or all together near the wedding party table.

The Parents, The Grandparents, and The Officiant

On the opposite side of the bridal party should be the parent’s table! The parents of the bride and the groom should be in the spot light too! Their children have just been married!

With the parents should be the grandparents. Think of this like the project for the family tree that you had to do when you were in school.

In addition to the “family tree”, you will also see the person that officiated your wedding along with their significant other.

His Side and Her Side

There is a his side and a her side. Really, there is, but there doesn’t have to be! This is the perfect opportunity to have your family members get to know the others. If you wish, ask for help from your in-laws to put together a list of people that mingle well together.

You will more than likely know your family better. Go with your gut and seat everyone where they would best be seated. But be sure that he essential people are seated appropriately.



Now that you’ve got that taken care of, that is one less thing that you have to worry about, right? Totally! You know the basics. Now that you know what you’re doing, you can focus more on how you wish to display your seating chart at your reception right? Happy planning!

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