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How to Handle Cold Feet 

If you are getting ready to tie the knot, then chances are you may experience a case of cold feet. This is normal for those preparing to get married, but there are ways you can overcome this condition. Cold feet that happens prior to a wedding refers to those jittery feelings that arise and causes you to question if you are ready to get married or if you are marrying the right person.
If you are experiencing cold feet, then it is best to stay calm and remember this is a normal feeling that many people encounter before getting hitched. Here are some ways to keep your cold feet under control before your wedding:

1. Reassure Yourself That You Are With The Right Person

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If you are having last minute doubts about if your significant other is the right person for you, then rest assured this thought is more common than you may think. Remind yourself that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It can help to make a list of reasons why your partner is the right one for you, which will provide you will additional reassurance.

2. Express Your Feelings To Your Partner

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It can be difficult to tell your partner that you have cold feet. However, if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, then being honest is the key to a long and happy relationship. Although it may not be what your significant other wants to hear, he or she is often the best person to provide assurance that you two are meant for each other.

3. Talk With a Friend or Family Member

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Another way to deal with cold feet before a wedding is to talk with a close friend or family member. If you express your feelings to someone you confide in, then he or she can provide you with advice to you overcome your fears. It can help to talk to someone who is happily married, because these individuals may have been through this experience before and will be able to give you solid advice about how to overcome any stress before your big day.

4. Take Time To Relieve Pre-Wedding Stress

Although weddings are joyous occasions, there are many factors involved with planning a wedding that can lead to stress. Stressful situations may cause you to question why you are getting married. If you take time to relax and eliminate the pre-wedding stress in your life, it will make you feel at ease. There are many activities that can relax you before a wedding, which can include a trip to the spa, going for a relaxing walk, spending time with friends, or planning a day for yourself.

5. Stay Away From Negative Influences

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Most of us have one or two people in our lives that have a negative outlook on everything. Although these individuals do not intentionally mean to cause harm, they can be a factor that leads to cold feet. If you are close to a person who expresses negative feelings about marriage, then you may consider talking to them about how his or her attitude is having an impact in your life. If that doesn’t work, then it may be best to stay away from them until after the marriage.

6. Stay Connected To Your Fiancé: Plan A Date Night!

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When you decide to get married, an ample amount of your time is consumed planning the big day. With all the pre-wedding planning, it can be difficult to make time to spend with your future spouse. If you are feeling disconnected to your loved one, then take time to plan a special date night. An intimate date night can rekindle those feelings that made you decide your significant other is your perfect match, which will help ease pre-wedding jitters. Be sure not to discuss the wedding, which can cause stress, just focus on being in the present. A date night with your fiancé can make you feel refreshed and ready to tie the knot.

7. Seek Counseling

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If you can’t seem to get rid of pre-wedding cold feet, then a counselor can be a helpful resource. A counselor can get to the source of the problem and provide you with useful ways to eliminate pre-wedding jitters for good. A therapist or counselor can also help prepare you for married life.

By understanding why you have cold feet, you will be able to conquer those pre-wedding jitters in no time. It is important to keep in mind that a case of cold feet is a normal feeling many soon-to-be brides and grooms have. If you recognize and deal with cold feet, then you can feel confident about your decision and excitedly anticipate your big day.

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