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The Perfect Color Combinations Based on the Season of Your Wedding

A color scheme is essential when planning a wedding. Rather than just basing the aspects of your wedding on one or two colors, a whole scheme creates a uniform consistency that makes planning easier and the final product more aesthetically appealing. This color scheme should not be chosen haphazardly. You should ensure that it incorporates complementary colors of similar shades, tones and tints, not just a random conglomeration of your favorite ones. Even if you have an idea of the direction you want your color scheme to go, looking at several examples can help to spark your creativity and visualize your ideas.


During the fall season, leaves are turning color and falling from trees. The grass loses some of its vibrance. Pumpkins begin to serve as decoration and as a delicious delicacy. Harvest season winds down and stalks of grain and corn assume a fragile tan.

fall wedding color combinations

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The progression of colors in the natural world during the fall season help to establish guidelines for wedding color schemes, as well. For instance, this scheme on the left of burnt orange, sage, and chocolate reflects the transitioning hues of the leaves, grass, and plants. The muted shades and brilliant orange emulate the dwindling greenery amidst the surge of pumpkins and other squash.



If this color scheme seems a bit dull to you or does not agree with the style of your wedding, consider this next fall color scheme of plum and orange, pictured on the right. Related shades of these main colors allow golds, lavenders, and peaches to also be incorporated. These combinations create an elegant, feminine look with endless options in regard to floral arrangements.

The two above color schemes serve as examples of the many options you have when finding a fall wedding scheme. Simply attempt to reflect the state of the natural landscape during this season, take complementary colors into considerations, and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect color combination for your wedding.


Likewise, when planning your winter wedding, consider the landscape. Evergreen trees are likely the only source of color and sign of life. Perhaps the ground is covered in pure white snow. A brilliant blue sky is a rare gift and a cloudy, gray one is more likely.

winter wedding combinations

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This first color scheme contains many of those colors, combining evergreen, grays, gold, and pale pink. These shades reflect those found during the winter season while providing a slight but fitting splash of color with the pink and rounding out the combinations through the gold. As seen in the images, furs and woods can provide these off-white, gold tones. Feel free to play with these colors to in order to find the shades of each which best complement your venue, attire, and personal style.

winter wedding color combinations

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Red is an extremely popular winter color. Perhaps due to winterberries, holly, or Christmas, no matter the reason, this hue agrees perfectly with winter weather, pale skin, and white snow. While red is traditionally paired with green, you can stray from this expectation by pairing a deep cranberry with a navy blue. Complete the scheme with whites, creams, light blues, muted oranges, and subtle greens.

These two color combinations only begin to crack open the possibilities for a winter wedding. Consider the above options and allow them to help you shape your own unique color scheme.


In contrast to the two seasons discussed thus far, Spring is a time of rebirth, of growth, and of life. Rain prompts flowers to bloom. Trees begin to pop with leaves. Birds return home and fill the skies with activity and song.

spring wedding color combinations

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Because the spring season is characterized by the advent of color, you can select virtually any color you wish. You need only to ensure that these colors are bright, soft, and joyful, not deep, dark, and muted. This first color combination, pictured on the left, serves as a solid example of these guidelines. The pinks, oranges, and greens represent the new flowers and greening grass that come during this season. Such colors pair well with pure white in contrast to creams, ivories, or other off-whites. For a spring wedding, silver would be a fitting choice out of the metals, preferred over other options such as gold and bronze (which better cater to other seasons).


To move in a different direction but still reflect the state of the spring season, you might consider a color scheme containing multiple shades of yellows and complemented by multiple shades of greens. Either off-whites or pure white would fit into this combination. This color palette may seem simple, but it is a surefire winner for any spring wedding.

Selecting a color scheme for you spring wedding is an exciting task, but it can easily become overwhelming due to the abundance of options. Don’t allow yourself to become stressed; select one of your favorite colors and move forward from there to find complementary shades and hues.


Summer is a time of excitement, of joy, and of freedom. The color scheme of your summer wedding should reflect the blissful sentiments of this season. Bright, loud, vibrant colors represent the exuberance of summer.

summer wedding color combinations

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Summer is a liberating, crazy time in which typical rules lose their power. While you initially may not think to include both bright turquoise and bright violet in the color scheme of your wedding, these create a celebratory combination during the summer season. This brightness can be moderated by not incorporating any other colors, but only utilizing muted shades of the main two. The natural luster of these colors pairs well with crisp silver and pure white.

summer wedding color combinations

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If you want a summer wedding, but are more of a reserved, thoughtful individual than a loud, extroverted one, you may want to take a slightly different route. Achieve a summer look that gives off the excited vibes of the season with a brilliant blue and gold accompaniment. The blue should still be bright, but of a shade that is a little more unique than the more traditional royal or navy blue varieties. Diamonds and gold contribute to an elegance that epitomizes this color scheme and your wedding style.

When it comes to your wedding, you can do whatever you desire; all rules and restrictions go out the window. That being said, most couples want every aspect of their wedding to reflect the vibrance and beauty of their relationship. Therefore, while you have perfect freedom, certain color combinations will make it more easy for you to achieve this beauty. In order to help you select your color scheme, we compiled these suggestions of gorgeous combinations based on the season of your wedding. Do not be oppressed by these guidelines; these suggestions are intended to assist, not restrict. Have fun visualizing how these color combinations could contribute to your perfectly unique color scheme to reflect your perfectly unique relationship.

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