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8 Pieces Of Maternity Clothing That Are Perfect For Your Growing Belly

Be comfortable. Be fashionable. Be confident.
Be comfortable. Be fashionable. Be confident.

You are pregnant, and it’s setting in that you are going to need a new wardrobe for that growing bump.  Thank goodness, gone are the days when pregnant women had few maternity choices that included either looking like you are wearing a tent with a bow on it, or an over-sized potato sack. Nowadays, there are so many functional and comfortable choices for women who are in any and all stages of pregnancy.  Though I’ve put some ideas together here, make sure to let your own personality and style come through.

This time will go by faster than you think. Well, ok maybe for some, time will feel like it slows down as you anticipate your new bundle of joy. But when you look back on your pregnancy you will see how truly fast it went by. So enjoy it, be fashionable and stay comfortable, after all, you have more to do than being restricted by your clothing.  You are growing a unique and real live human being in you. Enjoy dressing like the life bearing force that you are.

Stretchy Materials


The first rule to remember, stretchy materials are your friends.  Not only are they comfortable, but you will get more weeks of wear out of your outfits if they stretch with your growing body. When you wear material that has a lot of give to it, you can even dress in some of your favorites that you wore before being pregnant.

Pencil Skirts


Why not try a pencil skirt?   Accentuate that bump by wearing a slim fitting pencil skirt that draws attention to your growing babe. Form fitting and flattering, this type of skirt will grow with you as you expand.

Flare Out/Maxi Skirts


These are perfect for a slimming school girl type look.  Above the knees, length will draw attention to your physique and strong legs. Also, try Maxi-skirts if you are looking for more comfort and style.

Button Up Shirts


These may seem out of the question at this stage in your life, but there are many cute options of this style of shirt out there.  So many colors and patterns to choose from in this department ranging from western styles to work attire for the office. The best part is that you can leave it unbuttoned as your baby bump continues to grow.

High- Low Dresses


This is an excellent choice for fashion with comfort. A high hemline in the front will be more comfortable because it won’t be as tight on the belly.  Longer in the back covers up areas you might have hoped would not grow along with the bump. Let’s be honest; some women grow both in the front and in the buttocks area during pregnancy. Highlighting the bump is fun, but covering up the back feels good for some.

Yoga Pants


Just those two word can bring about a comfy feeling. Flared on the bottom can be fashionable enough for the work place and have a slimming effect.  Depending on your body type and how much you have grown during pregnancy, you may even be able to wear non-maternity yoga pants.  While pregnant, I liked to just slide the front of the yoga pants down under the bump.

High-Waisted Skirts/Pants


 This is an excellent way to be able to follow fashion trends and still be comfortable. You may have many of these pants and skirts already in your wardrobe! 

Flowing Material


I think this look is very motherly and cute.  Comfort is a definite plus when it comes to long, draping clothing.  Let your clothing fly like sails on a boat with a beautiful long flowing dress or shirt.

One rule to remember when dressing while pregnant, is There Are No Rules.  This is your time to have fun and define your pregnancy to your unique personality and needs.  If you want to wear an A-line dress with tennis shoes, I’d say go for it. You may even start a new fashion trend.

Whatever makes you feel good is going to probably look good too, because of your happy demeanor and the way you carry yourself. Have fun, experiment, enjoy this time and go for it.





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