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Conquering Wedding Thank You Notes

No matter how thankful of a person you are, no matter how grateful your groom is, writing thank you notes can be torture.

You are tired. You are exhausted from the plane ride, combined with that awful jet lag and time difference. You come home to an apartment or house full of unopened presents. Your cats are all over you because they missed you dearly (or your dogs are all over you because they want to play). Needless to say, you come home to a lot and you wish you came home to an empty and peaceful home.

And then on top of that, you have to thank the people that gave you all that money and all those presents? (note: this is total sarcasm, of course you have to thank them). Writing thank you notes can be repetitive and boring, but they can also be tolerable. While it might be hard to make them so much fun and enjoyable, there are a few ways to help make them feel a little less like work and getting them out of the way.

1. Treat yourself!

Set yourself a goal every time you sit down to write them. Do not make it an impossible goal, but also not a goal like this: “After three notes, I can have some ice cream!”. After you reach that goal for the day, treat yourself to your favorite sweet treat or to an extra episode on Netflix (dangerous territory). Treating yourself will make you want to get through more of them quicker, resulting in them getting done faster.

2. Start them before the wedding (well, sort of).

Figure out beforehand what kind of stationary you are going to use, or if you are going to do a picture card, or whatever else you had in mind. Have a notepad ready to list who gave you what gift or amount of money. Keep your collection sheet of the addresses of your friends and family so that you do not have to hunt it down later. And if you were wondering, a Facebook message or text does not count as a thank you note! So yes, stationary is a must.

3. Personalized vs. Pre-made and Prepared?

This is a decision you need to make as a bride. Do you want to have a template prepared with exactly what you want to say, and all you have to do is fill in the blank with the guest’s name and gift? Or do you want to personalize each card to that specific individual? One is not more right or wrong than the other, it is simply a preference thing. Think about this before you start your notes so you know exactly what you want to do when it comes time to write them!

4. Keep a list of gifts.

When first opening your gifts, keep track of who gives you what. Because I can guarantee you that you will forget later, no matter how good of a memory you have! Let your honey open half of the gifts while you write things down, and then switch so each of you have a chance to do the opening.

5. Distractions or no distractions?

Some people work better and faster with the TV or Netflix on in front of them. But for others, this only creates more distraction. While everyone would love to watch and work, it does not work for everyone. So you need to make the ADULT decision and be responsible, and if the TV only creates more distraction that labor, then you best turn it off.

6. Split the workload!

Make sure you are not doing all of the cards yourself! Whether you split it exactly in half or just give a few for them to do, make sure your newlywed spouse are putting in their time too. Next movie night, set a goal for the both of you to get some done. Or make it a competition, if you are a competitive pair. Whatever you do, including your sweetheart in on this can make the time go by faster and get more cards done at the same time.

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