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Cover ups for the Fall and Winter Bride

The only goosebumps you should be getting on your wedding day should be from your groom, not the weather. The weather can get in the way but you don’t have to let it! Fall and Winter brides everywhere are using these stylish cover ups to keep warm on their wedding days. Here are some cute cover ups that you can pair with your wedding dress on your big day!

Knitted Shawl

If your wedding falls on a beautiful Autumn day where it may be a bit nippy outside, this is the cover up for you! This knitted shawl will keep your shoulders and arms warm while looking stylish when taking your wedding photographs.  It is basically a nice, warm, fashionable blanket you can wear everywhere on your big day. The best thing about this is that you can reuse it post wedding when layering for the latest fall trends.

bridal cover ups






Leather Jacket

Whether it is your husband’s or your own leather jacket, it is sure to look stunning on your wedding day. A leather jacket will definitely keep you warm as you experience your wedding day. Not only will it be nice and cozy, but it will make you look completely badass as you rock it with your gorgeous gown. Show your wild side in your photos with this awesome fall and winter cover up.







Bridal Kimono

A kimono is a breath-taking way to adorn your bare arms and shoulders on your wedding day. They come in all different sizes and styles so they will be able to match any and every wedding gown. If you choose to go with the kimono as your bridal cover up, you can wrap it or leave it unwrapped in a variety of ways. They way you wrap it should compliment your dress style and fit, but the most flattering way to wear a kimono with your gown is to leave it unwrapped. This gorgeous wedding cover up will be sure to be a fabulous addition to your big day.






Jean Jacket

If you are going for a casual, at home flare to your wedding day, a jean jacket is the perfect cover up to pair with your bridal gown. It creates an all-American feel to your wedding while keeping you nice and toasty. You most likely already have one in your closet, so having this as a cover up will be at little to no cost to you! Wearing a jean jacket cover up is more ideal for fall weddings when the days are cool but are not capable of giving you hypothermia.







Wool Blanket

This picture alone is a reason to cuddle up in a warm, wool blanket on your wedding day. Not only is there ample photo opportunity, but it will also truly keep you warm amongst the crazy winter weather that is happening on your wedding day. Give the weather a run for its money by counteracting it with a boho feel wool blanket.








Flannel Fever

While we are all anticipating the fall weather that will soon grace us, we can see how perfectly a flannel is as an addition to a wedding on a crisp fall day. This cover up is ideal for a wedding that takes place at a barn venue or is complimented with some old cowboy boots. On the other hand, you can also dress it up and make it glam by adding some bright lipstick and shiny jewelry. With this universally flattering cover up, you will be able to mix and match your favorite flannel with your wedding dress.







Fur Touch

The perfect touch to any winter outfit is fur, so why not incorporate it in your winter wedding? This luxurious cover up will add a high-end, classical feel to your wedding photos. It is guaranteed to be the warmest option for you to wear on you winter wedding. It will go with any jewelry you throw at it but will look particularly stunning with glamorous earrings and hair accessories. If you are an animal lover, you can replicate this look with faux fur so that no animals are harmed.  Go big and fuzzy when it comes to your winter cover up!





You are ensured to look drop dead gorgeous and extremely warm on your wedding day with these great cover ups. They will keep you warm and comfortable while you navigate the fall and winter weather on your wedding day. Cover up in fashion with these creative and different ways to keep warm.

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