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Creating the Perfect Wedding Proposal: How to Pop the Question!!

Popping the question isn’t easy…

There’s the preparation, planning, pacing, and of course, the proposal itself (dun, dun, DUN)! We get it, there’s a LOT to think about. But no need to fear, future fiances! We have some fabulous pointers to make sure your wedding proposal is as positively perfect as possible.

Here are some helpful hints for popping the question to the love of your life:

1. Location, Location, Location!

Getting down on one knee in the right place is crucial to a lovely proposal day. You can go BIG (think top of a mountain in Hawaii) or not-so-big (at the diner where you shared your first kiss). Just remember: picking the right place has to have a unique story behind it. Popping the question at some random fancy shmancy restaurant is NOT gonna cut it.

2. Set. The. Mood.

This is where you can really take things to a whole other level. Think: music, music, music! Do you guys have a favorite song? Play it! Want to re-live your first date? Do it! It is helpful to think of all your senses when setting the mood for this special day. For example, if re-living your first date, think about the following:

Image Source:

Image Source:

  • What did you wear that evening?
  • What songs played on the radio?
  • What cologne/perfume did you wear?
  • What did you eat?
  • Where did you sit?

The more details the better!

3. Make It Picture Perfect!

It is no mystery that this special day should be photographed! It is a memory to cherish for a lifetime. So grab that friend with a cool camera and ask them to utilize that Photoshop class they took. Or, go a step further and hire a professional photographer to document this life-changing moment. We promise, you won’t regret it!

Make sure she is ready for her photo opp by pampering your special someone the day prior to asking the big question! We’re talking nails, hair, spa, the WORKS. This will not just show her that you care about her being calmed and relaxed, but that you’re planning skills are way above par. Trust me, she’ll appreciate having her nails done when the ring is on her finger!

4. Invite The Crew.

Inviting friends and family to a marriage proposal makes it special for you and your fiance – but for your loved ones as well! Your loved one will feel that much more blissful surrounded by warmth, comfort and love of friends and family.

5. Think OUTSIDE the Box!

This means getting creative guys! Here are a few unique ideas to get you started:

• Send your love on a scavenger hunt around all their favorite places around town. Be sure to end at the special spot that you hope to pop the question at.

• Call your loved one’s favorite radio station and propose on the air after his/her favorite song. Be sure they are listening when you come on!

• Propose on a plane! This can be fun and interactive for everyone involved. Besides, there’s no way someone can turn down a ring at 40,000 feet!

• Host a party with loved ones and have them wear t-shirts underneath their normal clothes spelling out W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E? Prep for a photo and have everyone reveal the secret message!

• Tap into your romantic side and turn off every single light in your house. Lead an inspiring pathway of candles to your backyard where you have tons of roses, candlelight and of course, the RING, waiting!

Image Source:

Image Source:

• Lead a string from one end of a park to the other with memorable pictures/memories written on note cards along the way. Stand at the end of the string with the ring!

• If your future spouse-to-be is a traveler, surprise him/her with roses when they land at the airport. Put a twist on this, though, and have a string of random strangers hand them roses as they make their way to the baggage claim. Wait near the baggage claim with a HUGE bouquet of roses and pop the question in front of everyone who helped with the proposal!

• Keep it simple and propose on the beach. At sunset. With the cool wind in her hair and her toes in the sand, you can’t go wrong in a tropical location! Plus it’s just so picture perfect!

• Create the ULTIMATE DATE NIGHT. Get all glammed up, rent a limo, and go to that nice restaurant you have always talked about going to but never actually gone. Invite friends and family to a cocktail reception following your romantic dinner!

• Find more special ideas here!

So, there you have it. The recipe for a perfect proposal. Just remember to find the perfect spot, set the mood, capture the moment, invite loved ones, and think creatively. But also remember, if you have truly found the love of your life, the lifelong marriage ahead of you is more exciting than any proposal. But nevertheless, good luck!

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