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15 Money Saving Ways to Cut the Cost For Your Dream Wedding

Having a budget-friendly wedding does not require you to give up all the things you’ve dreamed about ever since you were a little girl. Saving money only demands intentionality, determination, and communication between you and your betrothed. By being financially conscious, you will prevent present stress and future regret. You need only to take the frugal route when you have the option, and you can cut costs while still having the wedding of your dreams.

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1. Carefully select your guest list
Each person you add to this list significantly drives up the cost of your wedding. Sit down with your fiancé and have a realistic conversation about who needs to be at the wedding and who you will have to exclude. Family alone will take up a substantial number of your guests so you will have to choose friends selectively. Only include those who you can’t imagine celebrating your wedding without.

2. Avoid ‘plus ones’
To continue on the same strand as the above tip, don’t allow all your handwork in whittling down your guest list to be for naught by giving each of your friends a plus one. If you are close to the significant other of one of your friends, invite both of them separately. Otherwise, you do not need strangers to help you celebrate your big day.

3. Make your own wedding invitations
Between save the dates, RSVP cards, to the actual invitations, wedding stationary can quickly add up. With a little creativity and a willingness to try, you can make beautiful DIY invitations that look professional. Refer to our article Creating DIY Wedding Invitations that Look More Chic than Shabby for more tips on how to achieve this.

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4. Do your own hair and makeup
If you usually do not wear makeup or style your hair on a regular basis, a wedding is a perfect occasion to learn! Have fun watching YouTube tutorials, reading beauty blogs, and experimenting with different looks. If you do not feel confident after these efforts, ask a friend to help you. This friend does not need to be a professional, just a person who has experience with hair and makeup. She would be honored that you asked and the two of you can have fun narrowing down your perfect wedding day look.

5. Be a thrifty shopper
Sift through the options at thrift stores and online instead of immediately turning to a high end bridal salon. Also, you could ask a talented friend or family member to make the dress of your dreams! Almost everyone has a grandmother or great aunt who used to make all her children’s clothes and is more than qualified to make you a beautiful gown.


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6. Hold it outdoors
Renting a venue can quickly become very expensive, particularly at locations which frequently hold wedding-related events. Buildings are often more expensive to rent than outdoor spaces, so if the weather permits, choose the latter of the options.

7. Ask a friend to provide live music
Having live music at a ceremony adds an intimate and emotional touch in comparison to music played off a track. Ask a sibling or close friend who is musically inclined to sing a romantic tune as you walk down the aisle.


8. Have a homey reception
An elaborate ballroom is not the only place one can celebrate the traditional wedding afterparty. Placing a tent in your backyard or the backyard of a family member can be both cheap and fun. You can still decorate this tent to create the vibe you desire. Also, the activities which constitute the reception is truly what your guests will remember.

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9. Have a buffet
Instead of a multi-course meal, provide guests with a lavish buffet for nourishment. Buffets allow you to cater to a variety of appetites and diet restrictions and often work with more inexpensive food options.

10. Make your own playlist
From the background music to the dancing jams, selecting your own reception playlist not only saves money but ensures that you get to celebrate with the music you love.

11. Stock the bar
The most financially wise choice would be to forsake the alcohol all together, but if you must have it, purchase it yourself. You could provide some celebratory champagne for toasts and then allow guests to stay hydrated with sodas, teas, and water. Otherwise, take a trip to the liquor store and buy a realistic amount. Once the alcohol runs out, it runs out; don’t stress about it.


12. Skip the wedding planner
You do not need to pay a stranger to organize your wedding. You probably have tons of family members and friends excited to help you on your big day! Capture that excitement and delegate specific tasks to specific people depending on their skill set.

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13. Be a minimalist with flowers
You can save a lot of money by moderating your use of flowers as decoration. Your venue may even be natural enough that it does not require extra decoration. For your arrangements and bouquets, select native flowers that are in-season as these will be the least expensive.

14. Get a friendly photographer
Ask a family member or friend who enjoys photography to capture your wedding. As long as they have a high quality camera and some experience, they will do a more than sufficient job. If you want unique photos, do some research beforehand to find some fun ideas instead of relying on your photographer to come up with such ideas.

15. Skip bridal party gifts
Giving bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts as a token of appreciation for their participation in your wedding is a popular trend, but not a necessary expense. Take time to write a heartfelt card instead; this will be more meaningful than anything you could purchase. If your bridal party is aware that you are sticking to a low budget, they will not expect an expensive gift.

Cutting costs for your wedding will require a little more effort and preparation on the part of you and your betrothed, but it does not have to prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams. Keep some or all of these tips in mind as you plan your low budget wedding!


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