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Who Wants Cute Maternity Clothes? 7 Stores That Will Wow Your Closet!

And who doesn’t want their closet “wowed”?

Pregnancy can be one of the most cutest times in your life, and it is certainly no time to ditch your fashion sense! Although some future moms may be concerned about their body, there are many stores that offer stylish and affordable maternity clothes options that will make you feel good about rocking your new body!
Some retailers are ones that you probably already purchase non maternity clothing from, while others specifically cater to maternity options. Remember that your new wardrobe will need to include maternity intimates, not just your average maternity clothes. Comfortable stylish shoes are another year round must, and there are seasonal needs, such as maternity swimming suits, that need to be met. Read on for some great shopping suggestions of places to shop and feel excited about creating your maternity wardrobe!

1. Old Navy

Old Navy maternity clothes

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The Old Navy website takes the guesswork out of maternity shopping by providing a guide of what items are best suited per trimester. Accessories such as coordinating sunglasses, shoes, and bags are often pictured beside online maternity outfits, and there are frequent online sales and coupons available. If you are already an Old Navy cardholder, pregnancy offers an opportunity to use your card and rack up some additional points to use as a reward for future purchases.

2. Gap

Gap maternity clothes

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This is another store that offers a variety of suggested options per trimester. This is a great way to shop a little at a time, rather than purchasing everything at once. Gap allows you to feel great every step of the way with clothes especially suited to the trimester you are in. Classic comfort is available from Gap, so if this is your normal go to store, there is no reason to change it during pregnancy! There are solids and prints available in a variety of durable and pleasant machine washable fabrics. So what’s stopping you?

3. H&M

H&M maternity clothes

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This store offers flattering, budget friendly pieces that allow you to feel pretty and in style. They offer maternity staples such as skinny jeans and leggings, as well as cute and fashionable tops to pair with them. If there is not a store near you, order online or from their catalog. H&M, like most stores, offers free shipping with a minimum purchase total. Their European chic style will give something to wow your babe with on the next date night!

4. Target

Target maternity clothes

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This is a great store for finding everything from maternity intimates and swimming suits to maternity work and casual clothes. When shopping in person, enjoy a large variety of in store options to try on. This is a great way to identify your preferences, such as whether or not you like jeans with the demi panel or the full panel option. It is another great place to simply purchase non maternity shirts in a larger size than usual so that you have some transitional clothing to wear in the very beginning of pregnancy, and also afterward. When shopping online, benefit from reading the readily available guest reviews of various products to help assist you in your search!

5. Burlington

If you love Burlington prices and one-stop shopping experiences, this is the place to find your maternity apparel! You can shop for baby layettes, car seats, and cute maternity outfits, all in the same place. Don’t forget to peruse the accessories department and treat yourself a little bit! If you don’t have a store near you, the website offers free shipping on minimum purchase orders and runs frequent tantalizing sales and clearances to help cater to consumer’s needs.

6. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood maternity clothes

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While it feels nice and familiar to shop for maternity clothes at a store that you are already accustomed to, it can also be fun to immerse yourself in a completely new maternity store. Motherhood Maternity is an example of a retailer catering to pregnancy and pregnancy fashion options.

It is a one stop shop for finding not only clothing, but also pregnancy related health items and suggestions for pregnancy related events, such as the all important trip to the hospital for birth. There are also many customized options, such as clothing choices for petite and plus sizes. Combined with all of these options, Motherhood Maternity is hard to beat!

7. A Pea in the Pod

Pea in the pod maternity clothes

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This is another retailer dealing solely with pregnancy fashion. There is an online blog offering seasonal suggestions and tips, along with a wide variety of pregnancy designers. If you are planning to shop on line with this retailer, you can enter your email address and due date to customize your experience and to stay up to date with any sales or special offers. Like Motherhood, they also offer maternity beauty items. This is an excellent online tool for any expecting mother
Don’t forget that just as pregnancy causes body transitions, so does post pregnancy. As you shop for maternity clothes, think ahead to after the baby is born. Stock up on cute and versatile accessories that you can wear after pregnancy. Also look for clothing pieces that will work well during the post pregnancy phase of the process.
For example, some maternity dresses and shirts also double as nursing dresses and still look flattering after giving birth. Others will have served their purpose and no longer apply during the post pregnancy stage. However, you will always be glad that you felt great and looked great as you grew your bump, and you will smile and not cringe when looking back fondly at pregnancy photos.
So, happy shopping!

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