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12 Easter Centerpiece Ideas Sure To Please The Whole Family

Easter is my favorite day of the year.  It’s all about new life, a risen Savior, and Easter Eggs Hunts.  The season of Spring adds to this holiday as all of creation comes alive with birds chirping, farm animals being born, flowers blooming, and green grass.  You can bring some of this Spring atmosphere from outside right inside to your table.  I’m going to give some suggestions for table centerpieces along with Easter decorating ideas.  I hope maybe one or more of these ideas will find their way to your table this Easter.

Jelly Bean Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Placing a jar of jelly beans on your table can add a lot of color and sweetness.  For added creativity, put some roses in your jar of jelly beans.

Daffodils and Easter Eggs

Easter centerpiece

A nice way to welcome both Spring and Easter into your home is to have potted flowers.  Daffodils can add a nice coloring to your table.  To add even more of an Easter look, place some eggs in a jar/basket onto your table, next to the daffodils.

Garden Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Cut flowers, dyed eggs, and wheatgrass placed in a wooden box can create a pretty and cute display on your table.  To make it extra fun, you can grow the ingredients yourself.  Choose flowers that are bright and colorful, such as pink and yellow.  Wooden eggs are also a good idea if you want to use them year after year.

Easter Candy in a Teacup

Easter centerpiece

Put some Easter candy in a teacup to add an Easter look to your table.  Tilting the teacup over and letting some of the candy spill out is also a nice display.  A tea kettle next to it filled with flowers is also a great idea.

Mason Jars

Easter centerpiece

A mason jar, filled with flowers, looks great when placed on a table. Tulips are elegant and colorful flowers to fill your mason jar with.  To make it even cuter, use twine to wrap a doily around the mason jar.  Add multiple mason jars to your table to create a cute Easter centerpiece.

Three Cross Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Create a simple yet pretty display using a wooden box, spring grass, and twigs.  Tie two twigs together with twine to make a cross.  Repeat until you have three crosses made.  Make one of the crosses bigger than the others.  Next, get a wooden box filled with soil and grass. Place the three crosses in the box, putting the biggest one in the middle.  Place the box in the center of the table, or wherever you wish.

Tulips Tied Onto Napkins

Easter centerpiece

Add a little touch of cuteness by tying tulips onto the napkins.  Ribbon works great when tying them together.  If guests are dining with you, it might be nice to let them take their tulips home with them when they leave.

Candy Nests

Easter centerpiece

Both nests and candy remind us of Easter, so why not combine them together?  Either buy an artificial nest or make your own out of twigs.  Then, place inside your nest some candy.  Candy that is shaped like eggs is a good choice.

Egg Crate Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece

Hollowed out eggshells with flowers in them create a unique and creative centerpiece.  Place each eggshell into a ceramic crate.  Pour water halfway into each egg to keep the flowers from wilting.  Next, stick cut flowers into the egg shells.  Different types of flowers will create a variety and add lots of color.

Easter Egg Bouquet

Easter centerpiece

Place a small vase inside a bigger vase.  Fill the small vase with water and flowers.  Then, fill the bigger vase with painted eggs until they completely block the smaller vase.  Place your Easter egg bouquet in the center of your table.


Easter centerpiece

Baskets are great to put on your table for Easter.  If they are small enough, you can put multiple baskets onto your table.  You can fill the baskets up with eggs, candy, flowers, or anything else that looks like Easter.

Eggs On Egg Holders

Easter centerpiece

Egg holders are an underrated way to bring life to your Easter table.  I buy the kind made out of wood and then stain and gloss them myself.  You can also find egg holders made of brass and even ceramic.  It’s fun to paint eggs and put them on the holders.  You can paint wooden eggs, or if you want to try blowing out the centers of real eggs, that also works.

Final Thoughts

I’ve gone over some cute table ideas that you may want to try for Easter.  Anything that is colorful or includes flowers always fits in well at Easter.  If you’re going to stick with time held traditions you can also include figurines of bunnies, chicks, and ducks.  Check out your local dollar store this time of year for lots of inexpensive Easter and Spring themed decorations for your table. Good luck and hope that your Easter dinner is the talk of your family!


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