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Cute Ways to Hold Your Cards on Your Wedding Day

Need a cute, unique way to hold all of the cards that your receive on your wedding day? Although this may seem like a pretty minuscule detail, the way you hold your cards can give a personal touch to your wedding, especially if it goes along with your theme! Here are some recommendations of how you can hold you cards from your guests on your wedding day.

In a Mailbox



Where else would cards belong? By having a personalized mailbox where your wedding guests can place their cards, you will be killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you be getting cards because of the mailbox’s use at the wedding, but you will also have a mailbox for you and your partner’s home. You can have fun with this idea by creating the mailbox together. You can paint it, put stickers on it, do anything you want with it. By having a mailbox as a card holder, you will be displaying your creativity by making it your own.

Cage Them



A cool, vintage way to store your wedding cards is in a bird cage. It will be easy for the guests to place their cards in there by pushing them through the slats. This is also a fairly cheep option because you can find one at an antique or thrift store. If it is not the color you prefer, you can spray paint it. Not only will this cage look cool at your wedding, but it will also make a great statement piece in your house.

Travel Prep



By collecting your cards in a suitcase, you will be able to express you and your partner’s adventurous side. This is also a great way to collect cards because you can just close the suitcase once the wedding is over and pack it in the back of your car. If you decide to go with this option, be sure to dress up the suitcase and make it unique and fun! No matter the theme of your wedding, this idea will be sure to fit right in.

Box Them Up



The classic and most traditional way to collect cards is through a box. There are hundreds out there to choose from, so there is definitely one out there for you. This can be both an expensive and an affordable option, depending on your personal taste. You can buy one online or do a DIY and make it yourself. Whatever you choose, this timeless option will be sure to do the job while looking beautiful.

Musically Incorporated



Do you and your fiancee have a musical side? Whether you enjoy playing music or listening to it, deciding to put your cards in a box that so you can express your passion. You can also use instruments (guitar, violin, cello, etc.), drums, and even a piano. This creative touch to your wedding is guaranteed to turn heads and receive many oohs and aahs.

A Tiny House



The tiny house revolution is already a huge movement, so why not join? This cute way of storing your cards will add a homey touch to your wedding. You can decorate the house any way you want, whether that be to look more like the house you live in now or a house you wish you could live in. To go further, you can add small details like a wreath on the door or some flowers next to the windows.

Chalkboard Sign




Whichever way you store your cards, make sure that they are placed in a safe place where theft is unlikely. You can place them in a place where someone will always be watching them or even higher someone to guard them for you. Nothing dampens a wedding more than someone who decided to take advantage of the bride and groom. By ensuring your cards are safe and looking fabulous in their card holder, your wedding will be a day to remember with a keepsake that held all of the cards and gifts from your loved ones.

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