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Dapper Ring-Bearer Outfits that Give the Groom a Run for His Money

When in comes to dressing the ring-bearer for your wedding, it is hard to not stray away from the traditional suit. By making your little man’s outfit unique and different, your wedding will become more personalized to you and your wedding party. Here are some ring-bearers that look so good that they give the groom a run for his money.

Chimney Sweep

This adorable, classic look will bring a vintage aura to your wedding and an added cuteness to your ring-bearer. Perfect for any type of wedding, this ring bearer outfit is timeless and lest costly compared to the universal, common suit and tie. This outfit will make the little guy irresistible, thus making the groom pretty jealous.

Scottish Flare

Looking to incorporate some of your heritage into your wedding? Even if you are not Scottish, this outfit idea is one that is full of charm and will have your guests impressed with your boldness. The idea of your ring-bearer wearing a kilt will both incorporate your family history and your love of Scotland. This can make for a fun groom vs ring-bearer who-wore-it-best competition if your groom decides to wear his kilt for the ceremony.

Preppy Polka Dots

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This preppy, classy way of dressing your ring-bearer is a sweet look that will contribute to your wedding theme. This outfit is compatible with many wedding themes and color schemes. Pairing the polka dots with khakis will make for a preppy look that will have your guests speechless and mesmerized as your ring-bearer walks down the aisle.

Mixed Patterns

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Mixing it up a bit is always a good thing, especially when it comes to patterns. If you have an eye for fashion and are able to mix patterns well then this ring-bearer outfit may be the one for you. By mixing patterns, not only will it add to the visual interest of your wedding, but it will also add a unique, fun factor to your entire wedding party.

Secret Agent

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This ring-bearer outfit will make the little guy feel extremely special and add some humor to your wedding. By dressing up your ring-bearer in a security outfit, you will make him feel extremely important and he will take his job seriously. This outfit is adorably and a different way to look at the duty of the ring-bearer.

Keep it Casual

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Having a laid-back wedding? The casual look will be sure to fly with your guests when they see your ring-bearer walking down in a white button-up and khakis. This is also a good ring-bearer option if you are having a beach or outdoor wedding. This ensures that the little man is comfortable while performing his duty.

The Ring-Bearer’s Outfit is important because it needs to fit the theme of your unique wedding. By having his outfit match your theme and different, you will be sure to receive oohs and aahs from your wedding guests. With the ideas listed above you are guaranteed to have a ring-bearer outfit that will both impress your guests and you.

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