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Date Your Photographer– 14 Questions You Must Ask

Knowing your photographer may be the most important detail for your wedding. Think about it, you spend tons of time trying to make the day perfect, why have someone photograph your day when you don’t really know them to show off your hard work properly. On another note, you’ll spend tons of time with your photographer on your big day too. More than likely, they won’t have a clue where to start if they don’t have a good understanding on what they want from you.

After you have shortlisted your photographers, meet them in person, go on a date with them… A very awkward, third wheel type date, but a date, nonetheless. This is to ensure you feel comfortable with your photographer. This will be the time to ask all the questions that you want to.  You want to be comfortable in front of the camera since you will spend your wedding day with them.

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Being comfortable for your own personal reasons are one thing, but you must be comfortable with every aspect in regards to your photographer. So where does one begin when it comes to being comfortable and what questions do you need to ask?


  1. You want to know the style that the photographer specializes in.

Most photographers blend several various photography styles. You will want to ensure they shoot a specific style that is important to you. It is good to use the style that the photographer is best in. This will ensure that you get the best results.

  1. You want to know if the photos will be color balanced and retouched.

You must know if the photos will be color balanced and retouched. It is also important to know if that will happen before you see the proofs. Magazines use these techniques to make the pages look perfect. Some photographers will only polish the images you order. Others will work on all your photos.

  1. You want to know how many weddings the photographer has shot and his/her favorite wedding day part. Also, how many weddings the photographer does in a year, and best time of the year to shoot.

It is important that you get the best wedding photos possible. You only have one opportunity to get them. So, you want a photographer who can take your photos under pressure.

  1. You want to know if the photographer does both film and digital.

Film photography has resurged while digital has become more common. You might want film photographs. So, ensure that the photographer has the relevant skills and experience. It is good to let the photographer know how many film photographs you want them to take.

  1. You want to know if the photographer shoots film in color and in black and white.

Nowadays, most photographers shoot a mix of black and white and color. Asking the balance they go with will let you know how your album will look like.

  1. You want to know what the photographer’s package entails.


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Confirm whether albums, prints, proofs, and extra coverage like engagement shoots are included. These can change the expense . You also want to know the processing fees and film costs if the shooter will use film. This will help you compare costs with other photographers.

  1. You want to know what the deposit will be and the total cost.

It is good to ask about the total expenditure. This will help you to know if you can raise the deposit fee if there is a minimum down payment.

  1. You want to know whether it is the photographer or his/her associate who will cover your event.

It does not mean that the owner of the company is the one who will cover your event. In case it is someone else, you will want to meet them, and see their portfolio.

  1. You want to know if there are backup photographers to take your photographer’s place in case of an emergency.

If you are hiring a company that has employed photographers, then you are covered. But if you are hiring a solo photographer, you will want to know if they have colleagues that can take their place along with portfolios to show their work.

  1. You want to know if there will be assistants or a second shooter. You want to know if they will incur extra fees.

Second shooters cover more ground. They give two perspectives during major moments. For example, one can photograph the bride as she walks down the aisle. The second shooter can shoot the groom’s reaction when he takes a glance at his bride.

  1. You want to know how long it will take you to see the photos.

You will want to see the photos even before the wedding ends, but more than likely you’ll be super busy and won’t have time at the reception or ceremony. Even though you’ll be itching to see them, you’ll have to wait a little. It can be agonizing to wait for months for the photos. But, you can be prepared if you know the period you are going to wait.

  1. You will want to know how the shooter coordinates with your videographer. You will want to know how they envision working together.

It is good for the videographer and the shooter to build rapport, if they are separate companies. This will ensure that they coordinate and stay out of each other’s way. If you don’t have one, ask the shooter for a suggestion, they may have a package deal and be able to offer your photography and videography.

  1. You want to know how many weddings the shooter does in a weekend.

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The shooter might be working another event before yours. Hence, you want to plan in case they work overtime on the first event, sometimes this happens but be prepared if it does.

  1. You want to know if the shooter has shot at your venue before.

Your photographer has to be aware of any issues or lighting requirements specific to the venue. If they have not worked at your venue, they have to be willing to check it out in advance if you feel that there will be a problem.


The difference between knowing your photographer and knowing your photographer is amazing. Don’t let anything slide by when it comes to the source of visual documentation. Making a personal connection with your photographer is key for personal photos to be taken. If you can confidently answer these 14 questions, you’ll have no issue with getting to know your photographer personally. These are all first date questions, right? Maybe second, but hey, at least you’ll have done your due diligence to find the most perfect wedding photographer.

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