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Simple Ways to Better Your Marriage: Date Your Spouse! 

Happy marriages require couples to spend time together. This can be hard when couples are busy with careers and children. Divorce numbers are continually on the rise, and it’s more important than ever for couples to guard the spark in their marriage. Letting the flame die down can have detrimental effects on your marriage.

When children come along, it becomes ever harder to carve out time for each other. After a long day at home with the children or at work, the last thing spouses want to do is spend time and effort to intentionally be together, in a form dating after marriage. Some evenings, you may prefer to sit in silence and pray the children stay asleep. Even if that is what we want, laziness does not help to strengthen marriages. In the end, our children will grow up and leave. Be intentional now in order for your relationship to thrive for years to come.

The Importance of Planning Date Nights with Your Spouse

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Every couple needs date nights. You know this but how often do you actually plan the date and go through with it? The answer most likely is not nearly enough. If you need excuses to justify a date night, look below for some good reasons.

Growing Closer

Marriages are supposed to grow stronger and the bond grow closer over time. The best time in your marriage isn’t your wedding day; it is years down the road after you have overcome trials.

Situations involving hardship — sick family members, the death of a loved one, disagreements — cause stress in any relationship. Having a background of love and understanding will allow you and your spouse to only grow stronger. Through such situations, designate time to go out with each other. This allows both of you to forget some of your troubles and enjoy each other’s company.

Fuel the Fire

It is so easy to get to the end of the day and realize that you forgot to even kiss your spouse goodnight. This is why dating your spouse is so important; it brings back some of those feelings from the beginning of your relationship.

In the beginning of your relationship, you and your loved one could probably spend hours cuddling. You spent every moment together that you possibly could. Then children took over and romance took a backseat to chores and bedtime routines. While these changes are expected, it’s important to keep that spark alive.

How Date Nights Better Your Marriage

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Healthy marriages need date nights. There are plenty of benefits that date nights provide, and they will lead to a better marriage.


A strong marriage requires good communication lines. Fights often happen when communication is lacking in a marriage. Open these lines by spending time together.

Relaxing Together:

Our lives are stressful. Everyone needs time to decompress and there is no better way to relax than with your spouse. Enjoy time with each other. Make memories together doing activities you both enjoy. Spouses are there for the hard and good times.


Marriages are commitments and they need a strong bond to hold together. That is extremely hard when you don’t feel connected to your spouse. Having a regular date night holds spouses together.

Making Memories:

Date nights are a wonderful time to experience new things with your spouse. A sense of adventure and creativity is all that you need to find new things to do in your area. Even trying a new restaurant can lead to a fun evening full of laughter. Laughing together draws couples closer.

Different Type of Date Nights

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There is a never ending list of types of dates you can go on with your spouse. From dinner to a movie date night, mix up your date nights between creative ideas to classics.

Finding babysitters can be hard as well, so sometimes couples need to have a date night in their homes. Maybe you are low on funds and need a cheap idea. Below are some ideas for every situation:

  • Drive-in movies
  • Bowling
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Ice skating
  • Go swimming
  • Go out for drinks
  • Take a long drive in the country
  • Visit the local ice cream shop
  • Wine tasting at a local winery
  • Fondue night at home
  • Get takeout and play scrabble at home
  • Spend time working on a project
  • Popcorn and movie night on the couch
  • TV series marathon
  • Visit the gym together
  • Go for a walk
  • Have a picnic at a local park
  • Go on a hike
  • Roller skate
  • Go people watching
  • Beer tasting
  • Horseback riding
  • Video arcade
  • Dance class
  • Farmer’s market
  • Bird watching

Other Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

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You don’t have to always take date nights to strengthen your marriage. Making your marriage a priority is the most important resolution a couple can make. It is crucial to always view your marriage as work-in-progress and never stop thinking about your spouse.

  • Communicate with your spouse when they come home. At dinner, make a no technology rule and spend time as a couple or family discussing your days. Studies show this benefits couples and families alike. Understand what your spouse goes through on a daily basis.
  • Get physical with your spouse every day. Don’t let a day go by without hugging and kissing your spouse. Make a promise to kiss each other good morning and goodnight every single day. Hug when you get home and hold hands while you are out together.
  • Volunteer your time together as a couple or family. This is a beautiful way to grow closer together and appreciate all that you have while blessing others.
  • Think of your spouse throughout the day. You do not have to pay money to show that you care. Cook his favorite dinner that night. Help her wash dishes and set out her evening tea cup. Kind gestures can go a long way.

Don’t let your marriage become a divorce statistic. Make sure to invest time for your spouse each day, whether that be through dating or not.

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