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Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table Product Review

Searching for the best changing table on the market? Then you may want to check out the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table!

The Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table includes a water-resistant changing pad with a safety strap.  There are two shelves, which is nice for open storage.  It is cherry colored, and has been either made in the USA or imported.  Safety rails surround the top table to prevent your baby from falling off.  This product meets all safety and anti-tipping standards.  It has been tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet/exceed government and ASTM safety standards.  It has also been JPMA Certified.  This is made from solid wood.  The dimensions are: 35.25W x 21.50D x 36.7 H inches.  The weight of it is 36.4 pounds.  This item is eligible for free replacement parts if you contact Amazon Customer Service.  The recommended weight for this is up to 30 pounds.  

Best Features

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    Made with wood
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    Has two shelves
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    Includes a changing pad

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As of this writing there were 760 customer comments and 91 answered questions for the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table.  I've read through the customer feedback and then condensed the results into this review.  I hope that this helps you when shopping for a changing table.

Low Height

The back of the changing table height measures 36.7 inches high.  Ideally, this is not near high enough for many people to comfortably change a baby.  Also, the actual changing table where you set your baby down is even lower, as explained by a customer here,

"Be mindful that the height listed is not the height at which you would be changing diapers but rather the height of the back of the changing table.  This could be a few inches taller. I am 5'4" and I believe the height for changing diapers is a little low."

Safety Belt

Even though a child should never be left unattended on this changing table, there is a safety belt in case you have to reach down for more supplies.  A parent's arms can only stretch so far while holding a baby.  Customer's liked the safety belt.  Here is one of the comments about it,

"I am a preschool teacher and not new to changing diapers so I was happy to see the high railing on top so my daughter won't be falling out, and the safety belt on the changing pad it comes with is great to have if I have to grab clean clothes or extra wipes."

The Finish Flakes Off

There were many comments about the stain/finish flaking off.  A lot of customers shared photos of this issue.  A concern is not just cosmetics, but also a baby may start to peel and ingest these flakes.  Here is one of the comments about this flaw:

"I've been using this changing table for a month and a half. Today I realized that the espresso stain is peeling/flaking off. The table looks nice but the quality is poor. I'm attaching a few pictures. It seems to be a defect with the staining that was applied to the furniture, in my case, it's occurring in a specific area. There's nothing rubbing against it, it's flaking off."

Easy Assembly

This changing table has good reviews for ease of assembly.  Here is one of the comments about assembly left by a customer,

"The instructions were super clear. I didn’t get confused even once and I got the table together, by myself in about 20 min. They were some of the best instructions I’ve read for furniture. I especially liked the interior bolts so the screws went in correctly the first time and stayed secure."

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My Conclusion 

The Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is a wooden table in the mid-price range. It has some good and bad qualities to it.  Some people felt as if the table height was too low to comfortably change a diaper.  The finish is of low quality and flakes off.  However, it is sturdy and comes with a safety belt.  It has two shelves and overall is a decent changing table for the price. I hope that my review can assist you as you make strides towards purchasing a changing table. 

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