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Kids Workshop Review: Disney Store

The Disney Store has fun kids events for children of all ages.  The events often involve games, stories, music, costumes, parades, and crafts.  Once in awhile, though not as frequently, there are big events that include appearances by famous Disney characters and celebrity guests. Sometimes free gifts are given out.

In addition to scheduled events, every day the Disney store will have some fun activities planned.  Each day there will be an opening ceremony and the Disney theater will be open. This is where your child can watch Disney films, trailers, and listen to Disney music.

Disney events can often be scheduled around new Disney movies or merchandise releases. Expect an event any time something Disney comes out at theaters.  The stores use the events to promote the new movies so that people will go to see them.


  • The events are free.
  • The events are for all ages of kids.
  • If you can't visit a Disney Land or Disney World, this may be as close to the real deal as you'll get.
  • Kids can interact with Disney characters/staff and improve their language and social skills.
  • Anything Disney related is great for kids' imagination.


  • The store may run out of free items. It's a good idea to get there early on event day.
  • You may spend more money than you planned while at the event that takes place in the Disney Store. Prices are not cheap at Disney Stores.
  • There may not be a Disney Store within close driving distance to where you live.

What Other People Are Saying

Disney Store

Here are some of the things that people are saying about the Disney Kid Worshops:

"Every visit, even when we haven't purchased much, we have been greeted with the warmest smiles and hellos. The staff is amazingly patient and even enthusiastic in dealing with the little ones. This crew really does their best to make everyone feel welcome and does their best to help. We have had tons of questions about Disney lore and character history, and they are always eager to have a full conversation about it, despite it not relating to sale. Making people feel at home is the best type of customer service."

I keep reading comments about how the Disney staff makes everyone feel special.  Here is one of my favorite comments about a mom and daughter going to an event on her daughters birthday.  The mother explained,

"The same young lady gave us extra goodies for it being a birthday, including buttons, a crown, and she stopped everyone in the store and asked them to sing the Happy Birthday song with her. It was so special. So wonderful. And SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Disney for helping to make a first birthday so much more enjoyable and memorable."

Cost and Process to Join

Disney Store

Go to the Disney Website and click on "Disney Store Locator."  It will be in the upper right hand corner of the website.  Scroll down and look for the words, "upcoming events."  That is where you will find events coming to your local Disney Store.

You can view the details of the events at your local store such as date, time, and what kind of event is taking place.  You are not required to register for the free events.  You can just show up at the scheduled time.  However, you may want to arrive early because when free items are given out, they may run out.  It is on a first come/first serve basis for prizes and give aways.

The events usually take place on Saturdays but they may also schedule events on Fridays and Sundays.  Make sure to check out your local store to find out when the next scheduled events take place.

Customer Service

Disney Store

I've only heard great things about the Disney Store staff.  I mean if you think about it, they are representing Disney, the land of dreams and fun.  I would think the people who hire would make sure to hire only people who have outgoing and kind personalities.

Here is just one of the many positive comments that I found about the customer service at the Disney Stores and Events,

"We did walk in today and were welcomed into joining a special crowning ceremony.  So my daughter and son got to receives paper crowns and they learned how to wave, bow, and curtsy.  It was pretty cute.  I always love coming to this store because it always seems so happy!"

My Conclusion 

The Disney Store has kids workshops all year round at their individual stores. To find out what events will be happening near you, go to the Disney website to find out.  The events often involve games, stories, music, costumes, parades, and crafts. Sometimes there are big events that include appearances by famous Disney characters and celebrity guests. Sometimes free gifts are given out.  Make sure to arrive early since the gifts are on a first come, first serve basis.  From everything I've read, the staff at the Disney Stores are wonderful and make kids feel welcomed and unique.  I would highly recommend checking out a Disney event in your area.

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