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11 Amazing Disney Themed Wedding Cake Ideas Perfect For Your Big Day

If you would like a fun themed wedding cake, you may want to consider a Disney wedding cake.  This would be especially appropriate for a bride and groom who are headed to the Magic Kingdom for their honeymoon.  I’ll go over some Disney wedding cake ideas here.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wedding Cake

Ok, Mouseketeers, get ready for the ultimate of Disney themed cake.  Mickey and Minnie sure make for a cute couple.  It would be extra cute if the human bride and groom wore mouse ears as they cut this cake at the reception.

Disney wedding cakes


Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Wedding Cake

Donald and Daisy Duck adorn this small wedding cake.  You could make a bigger version of this is you wanted to, or keep it small if you have a small guest list.

Disney wedding cakes

Aladdin Wedding Cake

Jasmine and Aladdin are ready to fly away for a magic carpet ride as they start their new life together.  You could have fun with colors on this Disney cake, or stick with matching Jasmine and Aladdin clothing.

Disney wedding cakes

The Little Mermaid Wedding Cake

It looks like Ariel not only found her voice but also found her prince.  This wedding cake topper is more traditional with a bride dressed in white just like many vintage cake toppers.  But of course, if you look closely, you will see the red hair, and notice that the bride is the Little Mermaid.

Disney wedding cakes

Beauty and the Beast Wedding Cake

There is nothing beastly about this beautiful cake.  I love the candied roses that trellis down the side of the cake.  This cake not only looks very elegant but it appears very yummy and should be a favorite with frosting lovers.  I’ll have the piece with the extra frosting, please!

Disney wedding cakes

Cinderella Wedding Cake


Cinderella looks ready to party past midnight on the top of this cake.  This is a unique, but super fun cake topper. I like the cake display that the cake is placed upon.  Remember, that everything speaks and has the potential to add a nice touch to your wedding cake display.

Disney wedding cakes


Sleeping Beauty Wedding Cake

I just love the posture of the Sleeping Beauty bride on this cake.  It looks like the happy couple is in motion.  You can have a lot of fun with colors on this Disney themed cake.


Disney wedding cakes

Princess and the Frog Wedding Cake

Frog Legs anyone?  This princess and the frog cake has so many fun details going on.  I love all of the colors, especially the flowers set against a backdrop of blue water and green lily pads.

Disney wedding cakes

Tangled Wedding Cake

Whoa, baby!  This is quite a tall cake.  If you like colors, and Disney themed cakes, this might be a real winner.  This Tangled themed cake is a frosting lover’s jackpot with all of the colorful flowers down below.

Disney wedding cakes

Snow White and Prince Charming Wedding Cake

This is the perfect cake for the Disney lover who doesn’t want to overdo their wedding cake or ceremony with a Disney theme. This cake is made after the most well-known and original Disney Princess, Snow White. I love how clever this cake is with the apple saying, “I do.” This cake is sure to delight all your guests!

Disney wedding cake

Frozen Wedding Cake

Are you having a Winter wedding? Then a wedding cake based on the movie Frozen may be your dream come true. This cake brings in the best parts of Winter, while still nodding to everyone’s favorite Winter Disney film. This cake is sure to warm even the coldest hearts at your wedding reception.

Disney cake



So there you have it.  Eleven Disney themed wedding cakes to choose from.  There are so many variations that you could make to each one.  Imagination and dreams coming true are at the root of all things Disney.  So let your imagination run wild if you choose to design your own Disney themed wedding cake. Let us know your favorite Disney wedding cake in the comments below!

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