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5 Steps to the Perfect DIY Photo Booth

Step 1: Determine location

Where would you like to place the photo booth? Would you like it closer to the reception area, the ceremony area or somewhere in between? After these questions are answered, find a space that provides a substantial amount of room.

By considering these aspects, you will ensure that the photo booth is a source of entertainment and not frustration for guests and staff. Remember that the photo booth will be most appreciated during times when guests have down time — typically in between the ceremony and reception, before the ceremony, or during the reception. Locate the photo booth accordingly.

Step 2: Select a focal point

Once you have determined a location, you have a general idea of your physical limitations and freedom.  With this knowledge, you need to select a main focal point. Your focal point could be as simple as a large sheet of paper or as elaborate as a vintage car. You will need to save money for other aspects of the photo booth, but this piece should take up the majority of your time and money investment.

camper DIY wedding photo booth

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Step 3: Compile additional decorations

To complement your focal point, take your photo booth to the next level with additional decorations. Compile various chairs, tables, pillows, and lighting to supplement your main source of decor. This step is the one in which frugality is both attainable and desirable.

Vintage furniture discovered at thrift stores or yard sales would work perfectly while costing little. But, these additional decorations will only upgrade your look as long as you exercise moderation. Too many pieces will create a messy look, so select pieces carefully and thoughtfully.

DIY wedding photo booth

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Step 4: Get props

While the background and general photo booth environment are extremely important, as they will be featured in every single picture, guests will be looking for props. A photo booth without props is just a photo. Get a mixture of crazy and classy pieces to please every guest.

Create your own props with some construction paper, popsicle sticks, and markers. Also, provide small chalkboards and chalk for guests to create their own messages. Venture to your local dollar store for inexpensive sunglasses, scarves, and hats. Browse through stores after Halloween for reduced prices on masks, costumes, and other adornment. You can go a little wild with props for your photo booth as guests will be the ultimate determiner of how crazy or classy their pictures will turn out.

Step 5: Secure a camera

The type of camera you choose depends on the type of photo booth experience you are striving to achieve. Are you setting up the photo booth as an alternative way to capture pictures from your day and of your guests? Will the pictures serve as a guest book of sorts? Is the photo booth purely for the enjoyment of guests, so that they have mementos from your big day? You will need to answer these questions before selecting a camera.

If you are simply trying to get pictures for yourself, set up a quality camera on a tripod. Prompt guests to set a timer and take as many photos as they desire. Be sure to purchase several SD cards so that everyone has an opportunity to snap some pics.

DIY photo booth camera

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If you want the photos to serve as a guest book, purchase or rent a Polaroid camera. Such cameras print photos immediately, allowing guests to sign a message on the back. You can later compile all these photos in a scrapbook or photo album.

polaroid camera for DIY photo booth

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If you want to create a source of entertainment for your guests, rent an actual photo booth camera. These cameras will print out a strip of images that your guests can take home with them. You can customize the paper the pictures are printed on so that they feature you and your new spouse’s name, the date of the wedding, the location, and more.

DIY photo booth camera

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You did it! In just five steps, you can create a DIY photo booth for your wedding that complements the other aspects of your big day. If you follow each of these steps, your photo booth will not only serve the purpose of entertaining you and your guests, but of adding to the aesthetic appeal of your venue. Take some time and put in some effort, and you will have no problem achieving the perfect DIY photo booth!

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