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DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an expected part of the wedding that can end up costing a ton of money. Thank you to Pinterest and the internet for introducing wedding favors that you can do yourself (DIY) and that will save you a lot of money. Here are some of our favorites that are clever and super cute.

“Popping By”

All you need for this wedding DIY is popcorn cornels, glass/plastic container, twine, and paper towels. This cute DIY will give your guests a clever pun and a snack that they can later have at home post-wedding. All of the materials required are pretty cheap so you will have both your guests and your bank account thanking you.







Christmas Ornament

This wedding favor DIY is perfect for any winter, or winter themed wedding. Get a ton of empty christmas ornaments and decorate them as you wish. You can choose to fill them with meaningful slips of paper like the one below or you can paint them with your wedding date and your names! Get creative with this holiday wedding favor.





Sweet Tooth

Satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth with this delicious DIY. Spend a day baking with all of your girls and your family and put them in adorable mini bags. You can save money by baking these delicious snacks and by buying cheap paper bags to put the sweet treats in. Your guests will love your favors and appreciate that the cookies were home-made rather than store-bought.







Watch Love Grow

Give your guests the seeds of your favorite flower with this fun, cheap DIY. Let them watch their seed bloom as your love continues to bloom in your marriage. You can buy seeds in bulk for a cheap price and then customize them to match your wedding. This is an especially great wedding favor DIY if you are known for having a green thumb.








Melted Crayon Circles

If you and your fiancé are more on the artsy side, and the broke side, here are some adorable crayons that your guests will love. First you have to get a cupcake pan and fill it with bits and pieces of crayons, minus the paper, and put it in the oven to melt. By the time you take them out of the oven, you will have very high-end looking crayons. Add some color to your wedding favors with this great DIY.






DIY Lip Balm

Make your own awesome smelling lip balm for your guests to take home on your wedding night! Creating lip balm, although time consuming, can be a fun and easy wedding favor to make. Use this awesome recipe from somethingturquoise to make the best lip balm ever that you will want all to yourself.





Tuscan Wedding Oil

By buying little jars in bulk and filling them with oil and herbs, you have an expensive looking wedding favor that will impress your guests and be simple to make. This is the perfect wedding favor because of how much oil is used in every day cooking, especially fancy oil. Plus, if the guests are not particularly fond of cooking, this wedding favor makes a great decoration for any kitchen.










This wedding DIY is perfect for the musical couple who either loves to listen or make music. Pick out a couple signature song that the both of you love to listen to together. Your guests will love the collection you put together of your personal favorites that they could listen to on the car ride home. This wedding DIY does take some time but is totally worth it in the end because of how golden of an idea it is.





These wedding DIYs are super fun and easy to make. You and your guests will have a blast giving and receiving these wedding favors and your favors will be sure to stand out from the other stereotypical ones that your guests have received in the past. So get your Pinterest board ready and your craft on and go and have fun testing out these wedding DIYs!

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