DIY Wedding Invitations Made Easy!

diy wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations DIY Style

They’re all the rage. They’re fun and crafty. They give you a break from all the stresses of planning a wedding. They’re DIY wedding invitations!

With each passing year, the do-it-yourself movement continues to establish itself as lasting style and not just a temporary trend. DIY saves money, encourages creativity and taps into imagination, making it the perfect combination for weddings. There is no end to the possibilities in this realm: from decorations to food to attire to invitations! We compiled the top ten DIY projects for weddings, and can you guess which one topped the list?

Myths about DIY Wedding Invitations

  • DIY wedding invitations look cheap.
    DIY wedding invitations can be homemade without looking handmade! If elegant invitations, or even just uniform ones, are your goal, take your time. Gather the correct supplies, stick to an established theme and give it your best effort. If you’re still worried about the appearance of your invites, check out our article Creating DIY Wedding Invitations that Look More Chic than Shabby for some tips and tricks.
  • Wedding invitations must be formal.
    Weddings are a celebration of the life and love of a bride and groom. The style and events of that day should reflect their personal tastes and interests. If you are not a typically formal individual, do not feel pressure to make an exception for your wedding. Invitations can be as serious or light-hearted as you desire. Even while formality is not essential, maintaining uniformity can be helpful — we’ve provided some guidelines for wording and addressing wedding invitations if you need some assistance.
    You get what you pay for with wedding invitations.
    The beauty of DIY lies in the reality that the above statement is a myth. Completely free things such as ingenuity, creativity and motivation are the keys to the success of your do-it-yourself experiences. In order to ensure that you maintain practicality (and don’t blow your entire budget in one shopping trip to Michaels), check out our advice for how to minimize costs on wedding invitations.

Now that we’ve exposed these myths for what they really are, grab your watercolor paints, your calligraphy pens and your stationary, and let’s get started!


DIY Wedding Invitations Kits: DIY wedding invites without the effort

Perhaps the easiest way to create homemade invitations is to purchase a DIY wedding invitation kit. These kits are designed for DIY brides, containing many of the necessary materials but still requiring some creativity. Each package is unique, with varying levels of design and inventory. Some come with their own style and others allow you to create your own. But they all make your DIY invitation experience much more easy!

For instance, the below kit includes just about everything you could possibly need, even offering to print your address on the envelopes:

diy wedding invitation kit

diy wedding invitations

But if you would prefer a little more freedom in the look of your wedding invites, you may want to opt for a kit such as this one, which includes little more than the basics:

diy wedding invitation kit

diy wedding invitations

No DIY Wedding Invitation Kits Necessary!

But if you are a purest, a crafter who wants the freedom to create her wedding invitations exactly how she envisions them in her head, DIY wedding invitation kits may seem like a form of cheating. If such kits don’t sit well with you, skip them! But be sure to take advantage of the positive qualities they do possess. Mimic these kits to compile your own supplies, making sure to grab:

  • large envelopes
  • stationary
  • response envelopes
  • high-quality pens/pencils/markers
  • some form of adhesive

Feel free to include additional supplies as you desire, which is where your own personal creativity and style will come into play! Even if you decide not to purchase a commercial DIY kit, take time to compile all the supplies you expect to need for your wedding invitations before you begin. Doing so will keep the DIY process more simple and less stressful!


DIY Wedding Invitation Templates: DIY wedding invites without the art degree

When wedding invitation templates enter the conversation, the line between what is DIY and what is not starts to gray. Even straight up, full-fledged wedding invitations that don’t require any personal effort but do require a substantial amount of money, still use some sort of template. You will always have to provide basic information such as names, addresses and dates. But when you start designing the layout, the fonts and printing options… when does it become a DIY project?

Thankfully it doesn’t really matter whether or not your invitations are technically do-it-yourself or not. But what does matter is what your invites look like and how much they cost.


free printable wedding invitations


Do you want minimal costs and minimal creativity? compiled 72 free printable wedding invitations including the one to the left. Enter your appropriate information, press print and viola!

diy wedding invitations



Is your goal to have little to no fees but some freedom for customization?
In their wedding section, offers many pages of free printable wedding invitations that allow you to adjust the location and wording of each line, and maybe even pictures if the template is similar to the one on the right. Print through their services for a small fee or from your own printer.

free wedding invitation templates



Would you like to control everything from the colors to the style of the ampersand?
Sites such as give you these freedoms. Perhaps the most flexible online template, basically everything is customizable.



DIY Wedding Invitations Templates Free!

Maybe the template option allows for the perfect blend of creativity and uniformity for your artistic abilities and invitation desires. But if you are not finding a template that fits your needs and you feel a little more adventurous and a little more crafty, say goodbye to the restrictions of that style!

Use online templates for inspiration if you are unsure where to begin, mimicking their layouts, fonts, size and design, while still creating your completely handmade wedding invitations. Scroll through a photo or two or 100 on creative sites such as Pinterest to further spark your imagination for the various elements in your customized invitations.

Aside from the supplies used to physically create your invites, the typography or lettering will most likely stand out the most on your invitations. The entire purpose of these pieces of paper are to make an announcement and to invite your loved ones — which will require words! Particular attention should be given to the appearance of you and your future spouses’s names. is an extremely helpful resource when selecting an appropriate and uniform font. This site allows you to sift through various fonts, provides complete alphabets and even allows you to type in your own text in that font. Start there if you need some ideas!

How the font will appear:

DIY wedding invitations

Each font is accompanied by an alphabet:

diy wedding invitations

Type in your own text for better visualization:

diy wedding invitations

Be prepared for any hand lettering to appear at least slightly differently than the font you are attempting to imitate. Those differences will actually make your invitations more unique, creative and personal. Test out a couple fonts on a chalkboard or piece of paper before committing to one of them, and consider both the appearance and the ease with which you were able to make it before making your decision. Depending on the size of your guest list, you will be making a lot of these — so you want make sure you like it in every aspect!


DIY Wedding Invitation Trends

Although DIY wedding invitations have been a popular option for several years now, there are various styles within this genre of invitations that have recently become popular. We’ve compiled three of the most sought after DIY invitation styles of the season: the pocketfold, the rustic and the peacock.

1) DIY pocket wedding invitations

diy pocket wedding invitations

Have you encountered pocket wedding invitations yet? They just might change your life… or at least your thoughts on wedding invitations! Pocket wedding invitations refer more to the structure of the entire wedding stationary package, as opposed to the wedding invitation itself. Pockets, created from paper and integrated into a larger folded invitation, are designed to hold the many different slips of stationary that must be included.

So before you start making the pocket, finalize the color scheme and style of your actual invites. But be willing to be flexible with the size of the invitation. After you make one pocket, you’ll have a better idea of how large you can make the invitations and adjust accordingly. Once you’re ready, move forward with the steps below:

First things first, grab all the necessary supplies:

  • construction paper
  • ruler
  • paper cutter
  • hole puncher
  • cutting mat
  • exacto knife
  • pencil
  • double-sided tape

Some optional supplies include:

  • score board
  • ribbon
  • stamp
  • ink

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Cut one piece of construction paper into 12 inches by 7 inches — this will be your main invitation.
  2. Cut another piece into 5 inches by 4 inches — this will be the pocket.
  3. Mark you main invitation paper at 3 inches and 8 inches (on your score board if you have one). Fold inward on those lines.
  4. Turn the main invitation sideways, with the 7 inch side on top. Use a cutting mat to mark 4.5 inches from the left, as well as an inch from the top on both sides.
  5. Use a ruler to connect each mark, creating a peak, and cut with an exacto knife.
  6. Take the second piece of paper. Mark it at half an inch from each side for three sides, and fold inward.
  7. Cut the left and right folds at an angle with scissors to ensure that the sides do not stick out when folded.
  8. To eliminate a double fold at the bottom, cut the very bottom fold at an angle and cut the side fold straight across. Repeat for both sides.
  9. Fold the sides in first and then the bottom. Use double-sided tape to adhere the pocket to the right flap of the main invitation.

Congratulations! You’ve created a basic pocket invitation! Use your own creativity from this point forward.

If you would prefer to follow a video to better visualize these steps, check out the following video from Alina Narr:

2) DIY rustic wedding invitations

DIY rustic wedding invitations

Yes, it’s 2017 and the rustic theme continues to dominate the wedding scene. But mason jars cannot save you when it comes to invitations! However, you have no reason to fear, as you can still tap into other classically rustic supplies such as burlap, twine, lace and kraft paper. Go the country chic route by amping your invites up with a sunflower design. Take them down the vintage road by adding a doily or two (or ten).

The below video can guide you in the basics of how to create a rustic invitation. The final product includes a tri-fold and folders — quite similar to the pocket above — for all the little slips of paper you must include in your invitations. Just be sure to make these DIY rustic wedding invitations your own!

3) DIY peacock wedding invitations

DIY peacock wedding invitations

If you’re having a fall wedding, color themes most likely include seasonal reds, oranges and browns. If your wedding is taking place in the winter, references to snow, Christmas and cold weather are likely. And if your big day will go down on a beach, sand, flip-flops and destination are almost givens. Such correlations between seasons and weddings arise in the actual event, but also in the invitations as well!

While this trend is understandable, it can be odd for your invitees, as the invitations go out months before the actual day — and thus amidst a completely different season! This discrepancy may be a delightful one, to give one hope of warmer days during winter and the anticipation of cuddly weather during summer. But if this contrast is undesirable for you, there are alternatives!

Enter peacock wedding invitations!

Brides have discovered the design and colors which come together beautifully in the feathers of peacocks. And peacock feathers will not set you back as much as you may initially think. They exude a natural beauty that will save a great deal of time and effort. Simply adding one feather to a simple invitation quickly transforms the look. Click the button below to get one step closer to your DIY peacock wedding invitations!

DIY peacock wedding invitationsDIY wedding invitations



Brides no longer need to feel boxed into formality (and spending a lot of money) when it comes to wedding invitations. Thankfully, the DIY trend allows brides to forget about intensive and expensive process like laser printing, embossing and letterpress printing. Your invitees will not care about little details such as whether the invitations were embossed or not. From the moment they receive the invitations, to the bridal shower, to the wedding ceremony and reception, they will be too excited for you to notice such minor details.

And while your wedding stationary may occupy a significant portion of your thoughts and time right now, look towards the future.  Picture you and your spouse, boarding pass and passport in hand, headed toward the first-class suite which will transport you to a beautiful destination in celebration of your 50th anniversary. With such a perspective in mind, focus your time and attention on what truly matters. And allow your DIY wedding invitations to be a fun project in preparation for the rest of your lives together!


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