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The Do’s and Don’ts of Your Online Dating Profile

Wheather you’re looking for a simple summer fling or Mr. Right, Americans all over the country are turning to online dating to find their other half. Before you hop online to start piecing together your dating profile, here are some good dating profile tips that will make your path towards love safe and effective.

Do Post A Flattering Photo Of Yourself

This one is a no-brainer. For a lot of newbies who are dabbling with dating apps, the number two rule is a little narcissism can go a long way. Especially when it comes to your profile picture. Pick a picture that is fairly recent. And don’t be shy about picking one that flatters your most attractive facial feature. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. There’s no rule saying you can’t just because it’s the internet.

The picture you pick is perhaps the most crucial part of your dating profile. Stick to a photo where your eyes are looking directly at the camera. Eye contact is essential, even if it’s behind a screen. It will give your viewer a better sense of who you are. Also, don’t forget to smile. Studies show that when we smile (and show some teeth), we appear more attractive and happier. And for the love of god, avoid the bathroom selfie. Maybe if this were Myspace, that would fly, but on your online dating profile, you want to present yourself in your best setting, not in your bathroom.

Lastly, be sure to include several types of photos. Include a snapshot of you in your natural element with friends. This will give any viewers of your dating profile a feel of who you are. And if you enjoy doing a particular activity like hiking or running, be sure to include a candid photo of you in your element. This is a great way to sneak in a full body shot.

Don’t Post Pictures Of Family

This is especially true if you have kids. Although dating apps may be regulated and are generally secure, you never know what creeper might be lurking around online. For their privacy and security, it’s best to keep any photos of loved ones, especially children, from your dating profile app.

Do Include A Bio

When you are writing your dating profile, you want your bio to be a snapshot of who you are. Remeber, snapshot means short, sweet, and to the point. This is where you want to be honest. Be sure to include activities and hobbies that you enjoy. When you are describing your interests, remember to keep a positive tone. A good dating profile example would say something like “I enjoy hiking and camping outdoors.” A not so good dating profile example would be “I hate being a homebody.” 

It’s best to avoid describing your hobbies and interests in a negative tone because it may not send off the best vibe. Lastly, whatever you do, don’t exaggerate or lie about your interests on your dating profile. There’s nothing worse than matching up with someone only to find out their interests don’t match up with yours.

Don’t Be Too Honest In Your Bio

If you’re finishing up a biology degree, great. Include that in your dating profile. Just be sure not to include the specific school you’re attending. Got hired at a new job? Awesome. Don’t advertise it on your dating profile though. The number one rule when you’re setting up your online dating profile is to give enough away but to avoid the specifics. 

So your home address, phone number, wor,k and personal email address should stay off your dating profile. Most reputable dating apps come standard with personal messenger features. It’s best to communicate on those platforms as opposed to your personal platforms. No matter how secure the dating app you are using is, keep in mind that it’s still the internet. 

There are literally millions of strangers who could have access to the information on your online dating profile. If you reveal too much information, then you risk making yourself easily accessible to online creepers.

Do Post About Your Future

A good dating profile doesn’t include just who you are, but also who you want to be. People tend to be attracted to others who have goals and ambitions in life. A good dating profile should include some of your goals. This is especially true for those who are using their dating profile as a way to find “the one.”

Don’t Post About Your Past

This goes back to the whole safety issue. When you’re writing your dating profile, avoid the specifics. Take for instance this great dating profile example. Instead of saying you used to be a programmer at the only Rosetta Stone in your town, stick with the title of being a programmer. Again, eliminate the possibility for any creepers to get too close to you. If you divulge too much information about your past, you could be making it that much easier for an unwanted love interest to find you in the present.

Do Tell A Story

Whether it’s your dating profile headline or dating profile bio, your main goal is to keep the attention of whoever comes across your profile. One way to do this is by writing a story as opposed to listing out your credentials. You want your dating profile to have the quality of a resume, with the easy readability of a journal entry. However, when you end up writing your dating profile, just remember to avoid cliches. There’s nothing more unoriginal and unappealing than overused cliches.

Don’t Tell Your Life Story

It goes without saying, avoid talking about your ex at all costs. Your dating profile is not the place to air out your past heartbreaks. Save that for the conversation that takes place off the screen. You want to market the person that you are today. So if it doesn’t contribute to shaping your image in a positive light, then it’s best to leave it out.

Final Thoughts

It goes without saying that when you are putting any of your personal information online for potentially the world to see, safety should be your number one concern. Chances are before you meet Mr. Right, you will go through your fair share of mismatches and possible creepers. It’s best to play it safe by measuring how much information you give away.

Once the safety of your dating profile is taken care of, your number two priority is to have fun. So call up your girlfriends for your dating profile debut and start browsing! The world of online dating can be an exciting one if you approach it with an open mind and willing heart.


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