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The “Dos And Don’ts” Of Wedding Speeches

Are you a soon-to-be maid of honor or best man? Congratulations! We know how much responsibility that entails, and the nerves that can go along with giving that important speech. But don’t despair! We have the tips for what you want to and don’t want to include in your wedding speeches! We guarantee if you follow our rules there won’t be a dry eye in the house!


1.Tell A Story

Writers always encourage people to write about what they know, so why not talk about what you know? Tell the character of the bride and groom through the stories you tell and the ways they’ve impacted your lives. Just make sure you clear it with the bride and groom first! No one wants an embarrassing moment from their drunken college days to surface without their permission.


2. Give Thanks

Thank the bride or groom for being your very best friend, or the best sibling. Make them feel loved and appreciated and list all their best qualities. Also, thank them for letting you play such a special role in their big day.


3. Talk About Meeting The Bride Or Groom

Share about the first time you met their husband or wife to-be and what that experience was like. If you are not a fan of who they are marrying, maybe steer clear of this one.


4. Highlight Bride’s Beauty

It’s also great, even if you are the best man, to remark on how amazing the bride and whole bridal party looks.


5. Share A Quote

This could be a quote that has a special significance to the two of you, a quote about love, or a quote about friendship. This can be an excellent way to open up the speech or end it.



Trust us, your best friends will thank you from refraining from including this in your speech.

1. Embarrassing Stories

Not just embarrassing stories, but any story that paints the bride or groom in a bad light. This is a day to celebrate the wonderful couple, so don’t disregard that and end up scaring grandma.

2. Jabs

If you are secretly jealous your friend is getting married, or just tired of how they treated you during the wedding process, it can be natural to want to poke some fun at them during their speech. But don’t do it! These are you best friends, even if they haven’t been so much the last couple of months, make sure you only speak highly of them.

3. Don’t Be Drunk

I know that the alcohol cold most likely be flowing at this wedding, but you need to keep a cool head until after your speech. No one wants you to slur your words, forget what you are saying, or even fall over. Don’t embarrass the bride and groom, or yourself.

4. Drag It Out

Maid of honor and groomsmen speeches should be three things. Short, sweet, and simple. This is not the time to talk about your best friend for hours, write them a nice letter before their big day if you need to. Try to open with a quote, talk about how you know the bride or groom, share a story, remark on their great qualities of a person, and move on.

5. Get Intimate

Make absolutely no mention of anything that goes on or will be going on in the bedroom after the wedding. Don’t talk about the bride or groom’s past sexual forays or any other intimate details of their past relationship. Keep it PG.

We hope that with these tips your bride and groom will be so grateful for your amazing speech! We know that you won’t let them down!


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