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Eight Wedding Favor Ideas That Are To Die For

Choosing unique and practical wedding favors has recently become an important decision for brides. Should you pick something expensive or budget-friendly? Big or small? Useful or decorative? No one wants to give a favor their guests will just throw away in a few months, especially when you spend tons of money on them from your probably already tight budget. Check out the list below for some wedding favor ideas that your guests will be sure to love!

1. Hangover Helper Kits


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Though it might seem crude, if you are planning on partying hard at your waedding reception, your guests will really appreciate this favor. You can pack them up with as small or large of an array of hangover helpers. You could have pain reliever, water, sports drinks, ginger ale, anti-acid pills, snacks, bandages, mouthwash, mints, eye drops, sunglasses, lip balm, vitamin C tablets, stain remover wipes or sticks, gum, or a one-use toothbrush.

Like stated earlier, if you are not planning on having a lot of alcohol at your wedding or do not plan on getting drunk, then this favor might not be as useful. But for those wedding crashers and partyers, this is a must.

2. Succulents

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These trendy plants are everywhere nowadays. They are easy to care for and go with any aesthetic. You can buy them, grow them yourself, or ask a friend with a garden full of succulents if you can snip a few (okay not a few, a lot). Plant them in cute pots, tiny buckets, or vintage teacups for a fun display and favor.

You could even use them as an alternative to place cards. Succulents are a wonderful favor because they not only represent your growth as a couple, but everytime your guest will water or care for the plant, they will think of you and your special day.

3. Journals


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If your family and friends are the creative and/or sentimental type, nice journals would make meaningful wedding favors. These favors would allow guests to write notes, jot down memories throughout the day, and even draw or play games when their feet are tired from dancing or when their kids need something to do!

Choose plain or patterned journals (plus coordinating pens or pencils) to match your wedding colors and to tie everything together. If you have the time, you could even write a sweet personalized note inside each one as a thank you to your guests! So why not be practical and sentimental?

4. Disposable Cameras


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Who doesn’t love single-use cameras? After everyone’s phones are dead and camera cards full, these can still capture memories from the big day. Ask guests to leave the cameras behind at the end of the reception so you can develop the photos and share the memories with everyone. Besides, waiting until the film’s developed to see the shots will be sure to make you laugh and let you relive one of the best nights of your life whenever you need a pick-me-up. You can pick up plain ones at any superstore or order personalized/ decorated ones (sometimes with borders on the photos) from wedding favor companies.

5. Lottery Tickets



These inexpensive favors could end up meaning a lot to some of your guests! Your budget can determine whether you buy cheaper or more expensive scratch-off tickets. Tuck them inside a fancy card or envelope to give them aesthetic appeal and a touch of class. Lottery tickets are great because even if your guests don’t normally gamble, doing so on someone else’s dime is sure to give them a thrill.

6. Chocolates



Who doesn’t love chocolate? They make a sweet treat to end the night or to eat the next day. Giving chocolates as favors is the perfect idea for any wedding favor because you can choose them based on your budget. Give each guest two or three fancy imported pieces if you can afford it, or go with a few chocolates from a local candy shop. You can even do big-name bars with personalized wrappers if money is tighter, or pack a whole bunch of chocolates up in boxes tied with pretty ribbon, and set them next to each guest’s place setting.

7. Honey



Tiny adorable pots of honey make a yummy and practical gift for your guests. They have a pretty long shelf life, so guests can think of your wedding long after the big day. You can get the honey from a local farm or apiary to support local business and add a unique flair to your wedding, or you could get store bought give it your own twist when it comes to design. You could even infuse the honey with herbs, lemon, or lavender for a really special favor.

8.Drink Koozies


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Drink koozies are a fun and simple favor that guests can use both at your wedding and at home. They are especially a good idea if you you have an outdoor wedding and hand out water bottles. This way the guest have something to put the bottle in for fun!

There are tons of ways to personalize koozies, from just your names and the wedding date, to a cute logo and funny sayings. Some popular ones are “Eat, Drink, and Be Married,” “Sip, Sip, Hooray,” and “Drunk in Love.” Whatever you choose, these are sure to be a hit! Not only from a practical perspective, but is fun as well!


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