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This Video Is A Must-See For All Working Moms

This video is for all the working moms out there that feel inadequate. The moms that stress out because they feel like the house isn’t clean enough, and their kids don’t get enough attention. The mom who worries about what to make for dinner and when she’ll have time to get the kid’s laundry folded and put away. And on top of all of this the mom that worries she’s failing at her job.

Being a working mom can cause a lot of anxiety in women when it comes to balancing your time, you feel filled with guilt. But thanks to this video, you will all know you are doing much better than you think!

In this sweet ad, Jess is just starting back at work after maternity leave and is struggling with balancing being a mom and a good coworker. Little did she know, the people closest to her created a special tape to let her know she is enough. So remember just like Jess, that you are enough.

I personally grew up with a working mom, and I never felt unloved or abandoned by her. My mother did a fabulous job raising my brother and I while working full-time, and I know that I can aspire to be that kind of mother because of her guidance.

Pretty much any new parent, regardless of whether you work outside the house or stay home, can relate to Jess’s situation. There’s only so much time in the day, and you’re always balancing different priorities when deciding how to spend it and which is a higher priority.

Millions of mothers around the world feel like they aren’t good enough and blame themselves for things not getting done. Just like Jess, it’s important to know that you ARE doing an amazing job, and your baby will always love you no matter how clean the house is, or how many homes cooked meals they receive a week.

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