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The Must-Have Outfits for Your Engagement Photos

Do you remember how difficult it was to pick out an outfit for picture day? Even though the yearbook photo only featured a fuzzy image of your head and a bit of your shirt, much time and thought was poured into that one outfit.

Elevate the picture day indecision by about 500 and you’ve got engagement photo shoots. The task of the photo shoot itself is simple enough: to look in love with your fiance. But the preparation for the shoot can be a source of stress only comparable to the annual grade school dilemma.

While you should enjoy considering different outfit options, you need not resort to worry. If you are struggling to make up your mind, need somewhere to start, or want some general inspiration, look below! While some outfits are timeless, others are more specific to the season in which they take place.


A chill is just starting to fill the air. You are starting to pull out the warmer clothes that have been hidden away for months. Dust off your most trusty pair of boots! Search for your softest sweater! Warm up with those adorable tights! Throw on a cardigan! Enjoy this opportunity to whip out the clothes you have been missing all summer long. You could go all out with the traditional fall colors, donning reds and oranges and greens and browns. If you want to stray from those hues, opt for neutral, natural, and muted colors.


Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here. Thankfully, your love will make even the bitterest of winter weather look blissfully beautiful. And a little seasonal style won’t hurt either! Break out the mittens, the scarves, and the hefty jackets. For an outdoor shoot, you will probably never strip off any layers. Focus your attention on the outer layers. Maybe it’s time for you to invest in a quality winter weather clothing staple that can be the focal point of your engagement photo look. Include a blanket in your photoshoot as a prop or an article of clothing.


Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, life, and excitement. All the energy that was built up over the winter months is ready to burst forth in this beautiful month! When it comes the engagement photo outfits, the common feelings of this season translate into bright colors, romantic styles, and youthful silhouettes. Stay away from anything that is too revealing or too dark. Grab a skirt rather than a pair of jeans. Opt for sandals and flats over sneakers and boots. Accessorize with flower crowns, tasteful jewelry, and your brilliant smile.


The rising temperatures of the season may tempt you to really strip down for your summer engagement photos. But remember that these photos are going out to some of your closest and most respected friends and family. When in doubt about the appropriateness of an outfit, avoid it. Be careful of sheer fabrics that may become see-through under the sun. Check to see how short your dress, skirt, or shorts become when you sit down. With a little effort, you can find an outfit that you love and one that will not restrict your posing options. Loose-fitting dresses, skirts, rompers, blouses and clothing in general will keep you cool no matter the temperature.

Any Time

One engagement photo outfit option that will never go out of style is the white dress. Any dress that is colored pure or just off-white will channel your wedding day look. Make sure this outfit is slightly different than the dress you will wear on your big day. For instance, go with a shorter length, a different fabric, or an alternative silhouette. But otherwise, enjoy testing out your wedding white at your engagement photoshoot!

When it comes to engagement photoshoot outfits, comfort is key. While you want to look your best, put more value on being comfortable than on being stylish. This hierarchy of priorities will give you freedom when it comes to choosing poses and keep you more happy throughout the event. Also, the more classic and simple your attire choices, the more timeless your engagement photos outfit will be. As you are preparing for your engagement photoshoot, just remember that no matter what you wear, the glow of love shine brighter than any outfit.

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