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10 Easy Ways to Entertain Even Your Youngest Guests

Even though your wedding day should be a fun day centered around you, your spouse, and your love, you also want to make the experience enjoyable for your guests. Adults are relatively easy to entertain — give them some food, some drinks, and some dancing and they are good to go. But your younger guests can quickly become bored as they are less likely to recognize and appreciate the meaning of the day. Give the kids attending your wedding a chance to enjoy your wedding day as much as you do with these activities.

1. Coloring Books

coloring books for young wedding guests

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You can make personalized coloring books for a relatively cheap price. They can be pretty simply, containing a couple of pages with simple images. Or, you can purchase a handful of commercial wedding coloring books, finding just about whatever you want online. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to look for strictly wedding coloring books. The books can relate to the venue, date, time of year, and more. Adults may even enjoy joining in on this activity to pass the time.

2. Drawable Tablecloth

For an even cheaper way to entertain your child guests through drawing, try a tablecloth.
The brown rolls of paper, sometimes referred to as kraft or butcher paper, are relatively inexpensive. You can cover the kid’s table with this paper as the tablecloth, set out crayons, and let them go wild! Such a tablecloth is also wise because of the tendency of younger guests to spill drinks, eat messily, and make stains. The material still looks classy and matches most color schemes and themes.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Give the young guests a list of items to find for a scavenger hunt. Create a colorful list and place it at each of their seats at the reception. If your budget allows, also lay a disposable camera at each place setting so that they can digitally capture each of the items on the list. Otherwise, hide small items for participants to collect. This interactive form of I Spy will have the kids excitedly scrambling about the wedding.

4. Kid’s Corner

kid's corner at wedding

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A kid’s corner gives them space to release energy and stretch out. Sitting still for the whole ceremony and the reception as well would be difficult for even the most well-behaved children. At this kid’s corner, include activities that are age-specific that other guests would be less likely to gravitate toward. For instance, set out chalk and small chalkboards, tick-tac-toe, and more. Another fun idea would be to create a small tepee out of blankets that only those of small stature can fit into.

5. Piñata

After the bride and groom give it a swing, allow the younger guests to take turns cracking open a piñata. Buy a generic, but wedding-related or love-themed piñata. If you think ahead, you could purchase a heart-shaped piñata on sale after Valentines Day and save it for your wedding. Be careful when selecting a device to whack the piñata with; a kid-friendly, padded bat will be just as effective as a large wooden one. Establish rules so that every kid gets an opportunity to try to break it open and have at least one adult on hand to maintain control. Fill the piñata with fun treats and your kid guests will be more than overjoyed.

6. Outdoor Games

Outdoor games, pretty self-explanatory. From oversized Jenga to a cornhole toss to a ring toss, these simple activities can provide endless hours of entertainment for guests young and old. If you have the room, include multiple of these games in order to prevent arguments and provide diversity. If your budget allows, you could surprise kids with a bounce house. Rent one for a couple hours at the beginning of the reception — between exhaustion and the setting sun, you do not need to rent it for the whole night.

7. Bubble Station

Giving kids bubbles is one thing. They will enjoy blowing them for a couple minutes until they run out of, or spill, the liquid. In order to keep them entertained past those few minutes, set up a bubble station! Purchase a cheap, plastic beverage dispenser and a bulk supply of bubble liquid. Give each child a container of bubbles that they can refill throughout the whole night. This activity is perfect for outdoor venues, but may be less than desirable for indoor ones.

8. Let the Kids Take Over the Dance Floor

Invite the kids to the dance floor and then play one or two kid-friendly songs. Think Frozen’s “Let it Go” and the Chicken Dance. These silly songs appeal to people of all ages and may be the highlight of the dancing. Kids are some of the most entertaining dancers, so kicking off the night of celebration with kids taking over of the dance floor will be fun for both them and you.

9. Kid-Friendly Bar

kid-friendly bar at wedding

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Make the younger kids feel included by giving them their own bar! When the older crowd heads to the bar for alcohol, give your younger guests options too. For toasts, give them cookies and milk. For other times, set up a candy or snack bar. You may even catch some adults veering toward the kid bar at some point in the night.

10. Hire a Babysitter

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You probably never considered hiring a babysitter for your wedding, but it could actually be a brilliant idea. Giving a trusted individual the responsibility will not only keep the kids entertained, but allow their parents to fully enjoy celebrating your wedding. Parents can give their children freedom without having to worry about their safety. Make the babysitter aware of the number and ages of the kids and ask him or her to come prepared with activities and supplies. While hiring such an individual creates an additional expense, it eliminates the cost, effort, and stress of preparing entertainment for your younger guests.

You are likely to have little nieces or nephews, cousins, or friends’ kids that you want to invite to the wedding. In order to ensure that they enjoy your big day as much as you, try to incorporate some activities to keep them entertained. A little effort will go a long way for your youngest wedding guests.

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