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Auto Insurance Review: Esurance

Esurance was one of the first insurers to start selling directly to consumers over the internet.  This company has always used innovative technology as a key component of their business.  They offer a streamlined quote process and a great and easy to use mobile app.  You can choose from several optional add-ons, like custom equipment and gap coverage.  Esurance helps you design a policy that’s individualized for your needs.   Their Pay Per Mile service is a big plus to those who don’t drive often.

Esurance is known for its easy to use website, interactive tools, and innovative mobile apps. It’s a great choice for people who like to manage their own policies, and have simple and straightforward insurance needs.  People who prefer to work online often go with Esurance. Esurance is only available in 43 states.

In addition to cars, Esurance also insures the following types of autos: Motorcycles, All-terrain vehicles, Snowmobiles, Scooters, Segways, and Golf carts.

Esurance has some nifty features on their website like Fuelcaster, which predicts gas prices so you can time fill-ups when prices are cheaper.  The website also has something call Coverage Counselor, which can help you determine what kind of coverage you need. They do well with using innovative technologies to make your experience with them fun and rewarding.

Pros and Cons of Esurance 

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Discounts – They offer discounts for the following: Anti-lock brakes, Anti-theft device, Claim-free, Defensive driving course, Good driver, Good student, Homeowners, Multi-car, Multi-policy, Online purchase, Online quote, Pac-12 school, Paid-in-full, Roadside assistance, and for having a safety device.

You can make claims by video – Esurance allows policyholders to use a video appraisal to chat in real time with appraisers after filing a claim. This saves people time from scheduling in-person meetings. You can sometimes get your repair estimate and even payment that same day.

Gap Coverage – If you financed a vehicle and it’s totaled, insurers typically pay out what the car is worth at the time of the accident.  But if you still owe more than that, Esurance will pay the difference, up to 25% of your vehicle’s value.

Custom Equipment Coverage

Easy to Use App – Esurance uses some of the most innovative app features of the auto insurance world today.

Emergency Roadside Service – Esurance pays up to $75 for towing, tire changes, lockouts, and other services when you’re stranded if you add on this coverage.  It can be added to auto policies that have comprehensive and collision coverage.

Customized Parts and Equipment Coverage – Esurance will reimburse you if custom parts that you added to your car are damaged or stolen.  They will reimburse you up to $4,000.  Custom parts can include stereos, navigation systems and spoilers, as well as equipment for disabled passengers or drivers.


High Priced – May be too high for a lot of people.

Sub-Par Customer Service

What Other People Are Saying

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I guessed that since this insurer is more expensive, they may have more happy customers.  But after reading a lot of feedback, I was wrong.  Just being more expensive does not mean that a company treats people better.  The majority of what people were saying was that all was fine until they filed a claim.  The following is one of many similar types of experiences with Esurance.

The customer, explained,

“Watch out, auto insurance, was great until I had to make a claim. I had a freak occurrence with road paint, not even my fault, total a little over 3000, I had to pay over $500, got my insurance renewal, went up $106 per month! Seriously, I have not had another accident in over 20 years, been with them for over 3 years( I think closer to 5 but not sure) I said to the agent when I called to question I hate to imagine what my rate would have been if I had totaled my car, she said yes, would have been a lot more. So it is great as long as you don’t have to use it but if you have a claim, be prepared.”

Cost and Process to Join


Esurance’s premiums are not on the low end of the auto premium price spectrum.  They do offer a large number of discounts, but overall you still will be paying a lot to go with this insurer.  If you are looking for the lowest rates, I don’t think you will find it with them, but it doesn’t hurt to log on to their website and customize what you want and see what you’ll pay for it.  Joining is as easy as going to the Esurance website and applying there. Everything that you need to apply, join, and follow your plan is on their website.

Esurance has a program called CoverageMyWay that helps you find the right coverage. It is designed to help you navigate through all the usual coverage options  in addition to add on coverage.

Customer Support

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Esurance has its share of customer complaints.  In fact, they have about the same number of customer complaints as other companies of similar size.  I thought with the elevated prices, that I would find better customer support, but unfortunately I did not.

My Conclusion 

Esurance is an expensive auto insurance option that unfortunately, doesn’t pay you back in much other than some innovative technologies on their app and website.  They had a lot of customer complaints that put them in the average range for customer complaints for a company of their size.  They do offer discounts too, if you tailor them to your needs, so don’t let the elevated price scare you away.  It’s at least worth checking into.  They offer discounts for: Anti-lock brakes, Anti-theft device, Claim-free, Defensive driving course, Good driver, Good student, Homeowners, Multi-car, Multi-policy, Online purchase, Online quote, Pac-12 school, Paid-in-full, Roadside assistance, and for having a Safety device. The process to join is easy. You can go their website, get a quote, join, and then manage your plan if you choose to go with them. I hope my review of Esurance can help you as you look to purchase auto insurance in the near future. 

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