Evenflo LitMax 35 Infant Car Seat Product Review

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The Evenflo LitMax 35 Infant Car seat is a rear-facing infant car seat made for newborns with a weight from 4 to 35 pounds.  This seat includes a base that stays in the vehicle.  It was designed this way to minimize overall parent effort.

This car seat meets or exceeds all of the applicable federal safety standards.  This car seat also passed the Evenflo safety tests including the rollover test standards.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Durability 
  • Easy To Clean
Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat, Riverstone
  • VERSATILE & CONVENIENT: This Rear-Facing Infant Car Seat fitting newborns and babies from 4-35 pounds includes a stay-in-car convenience base that minimizes overall parent effort
  • TESTED & TRUSTED: In addition to meeting or exceeding all applicable federal safety standards, this car seat also passes Evenflo’s comprehensive Side Impact and industry leading Rollover Test Standards
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: The extremely lightweight design equipped with a padded, ergonomic handle is uniquely crafted to make carrying your infant or newborn as comfortable as possible

Parent Reviews

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As of this writing there are 53 reviews and 29 questions left for this car seat on Amazon. I've read the reviews and questions and have condensed the information into the main topics that parents talked about.  I hope that this helps you shop for a car seat that will meet your needs the best.


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This car seat has passed all of the safety regulation standards.


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The parents who left reviews for this car seat commented on how comfortable it was for their child.  They also said that it is narrow for a chunky child, but I found in reading the reviews, that the child was over 35 pounds.  So keep in mind that this infant car seat can only hold  4 to 35 pounds of child.

One parent commented this about the comfort,

"We love this car seat! My daughter so far hates all car seats so I mean that is what it is, but this is a great car seat! It's soft and light. Our previous car seat (we got this one because that one expired) with the heat my daughter would always be hot and sweaty when I pulled her out. With this car seat in the same heat I've not once pulled her out sweaty. It breaths great and is super comfortable."


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The weight of the infant car seats are a bigger topic than the weight of toddler seats.  This is because parents often unsnap the infant seats from the base when going places like grocery shopping, etc.  So every pound really does make a difference when you are carrying the weight of the seat and your baby in your arms. This seat weighs 16 pounds which is right about in the middle of infant car seats.  Some parents commented that they wished it was a bit lighter while others thought it felt very lightweight.

One grandparent commented this about the weight,

"I had to have unexpected shoulder surgery right before my last two Grandchildren were born. I ordered this car seat hoping that it would be light enough that I would be able to carry it and the baby without too much strain on my shoulder. It's perfect for what I needed. I've been able to put this car seat in and take it out of my vehicle by placing most of the weight on my good arm."

This seat is very easy to unsnap from the base.  However, there was a comment about it not fitting in the grocery shopping carts facing towards the parent.  "It won't hook to the seat part. We have to put it sideways in the part where you put your groceries and things. Other then that I haven't had any problems with it."


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The price is low on this infant car seat.  However, keep in mind that it is only an infant car seat for babies up to 35 pounds. Some of the higher priced car seats can be adjusted to go beyond the toddler years. So make sure that you are comparing similar weight max capacities when looking at the price.

Ease of Cleaning

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If there is one piece of baby equipment that can get dirty quickly, it's the car seat.  This is especially true if you will be traveling often with your baby and if they will have any snacks or drinks while traveling. Parents liked that the material parts of this car seat could removed and machine or hand washed.

Ease of Installation

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One thing I've noticed about the car seat reviews, is that if a car seat is hard to install or takes a substantial amount of time, people will definitely comment on it. No one wants to spend a whole day putting an infant car seat in.

The Evenflo LitMax 35 infant car seat seems to be very easy to install.  I didn't find negative comments, but instead found some positive ones. Here is what one parent said about installing this car seat,

"It comes with very substantive directions. This will be very helpful for any first time car seat users and installers. The directions walk you through several different methods for installing the convenience base. It also details how to secure the car seat without using a base (I imagine this is only when you're really in a pinch...). Nevertheless, installation should be a breeze. The directions also detail how the harnesses may be adjusted to the size of your baby."

My Conclusion 

This seems like a nice and safe car seat.  However, there was a comment about this infant car seat not fitting in a grocery cart facing the parent.  Other than that, for the price, it seemed like this is nice car seat that will work well until your baby reaches 35 pounds. I hope that my review helps you and your family as you look to purchase a car seat. 

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