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7 Extreme Weddings That Will Break the Internet

Are you much of a dare devil when it comes to life choices? Is skydiving in a wedding dress sound like a thrill and an awesome way to get married? Well, whether you are an extremely adventurous bride with nerves of steel or one who appreciates the simple things, we all are fascinated by couples that take saying there wedding vows to the extreme.  Here are the couples who thought out of the box when thinking of differentiating themselves from a traditional wedding ceremony.

1. The Underwater Wedding

This couple took their aquatic wedding theme to a whole new level by having there wedding ceremony completely immersed in water. Not only were they fully equipped with scuba gear but they also dressed the part by wearing a wedding gown and a full suit. They did not forget about little details either, in the picture you can see that they have a bouquet and the wedding contract underwater with them. This amazing wedding will go down in history as one of the most extreme and creative weddings because of its aquatic nature.

2. Alaskan Mountain Wedding

This couple took their wedding and their wedding guests on top of a mountain for their wedding ceremony. With both the guests and the couple in warm, fuzzy furs, the wedding ceremony took place in a breathtaking location. With the wedding party standing at the edge of the mountaintop, the beautiful backdrop photo opportunities are endless.The cold weather did not intimidate this couple as they fulfilled their dream of creating a wedding that was gorgeous and different from every other one that their guests would ever attend.

3. Bungee Jumping into Marriage

This couple with nerves of steel, created a wedding where everyone’s hearts stopped. By literally plunging into marriage, this wedding ceremony was representative of the giant leap that the bride and groom were making when getting married, whether that was on purpose or not. Their incredible leap of faith will forever be documented on the internet and leave people gawking at the amount of nerve and insanity this couple had.

4. Leaving You Hanging Wedding

This is a wedding where the groom and the bride were left hanging, and rather uncomfortably too. Although this looks like a type of torturous way to say “i do”, the expressions on the brides face shows that this is their preferred way of tying the knot. This extreme couple wanted a wedding that matched their risk taking personalities. Also the fact that they are both wearing different shades of green for their wedding colors is also extreme. All in all, this wedding is pretty extreme in more ways than one.

5. The Skydiving Wedding

Who wants a wedding on the ground when your ceremony can take place in the air? This couple, and their fearless minister, said their vows and tied the knot while free falling thousands of feet away from the ground. The couple was on cloud nine when getting married. Their heads were in the clouds when making a giant leap into their next stage of life. The pun opportunities are endless with this brave couple who took their vows suspended in the sky.

6. A Wedding on the Cutting Edge

At first glance, this photograph looks like just a rock and some beautiful scenery, but upon second glance you see two dots on top of the rock that are actually people. How they got there, we don’t know, but one thing we do know is that this couple had some guts to take their wedding ceremony on top of a huge, extremely tall, pointy rock. One misstep could be a way of fulfilling the “for worse” part of the wedding vows. The photos resulting from this wedding are worthy of international recognition and a huge frame in their house.

7. Safari Wedding

Saying vows in the middle of the Tanzania on a safari is a fun and adventurous way to start off your marriage. Because of the rich soil in Tanzania, exotic animals can be found grazing the delicious grass that the ground has to offer. Imagine saying your vows at your wedding ceremony, when all of a sudden a zebra appears in the distance peacefully grazing. That is what this couple experienced with their out-of-the-box wedding.

These weddings are crazy extreme in their looks, but along with an extreme wedding  comes a couple who is equally as adventurous and wants their wedding to be different. The crazy element of these weddings is what makes them internet famous and what makes couples ooh and aah while saying “lets not do that” at the same time.

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