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Say “I Do” to the Hairdo that Complements Your Face Shape

Finding a hairdo that complements your face shape often begins with the proper haircut. But even if you took a misstep at your last trip to the hairdresser, you can still have a wedding look that will give your husband the chills as you walk down the aisle toward him. You can click here to find the perfect hair dresser in your area, but in the meantime, look below to determine your face shape and the hairstyles that will best complement that shape.


Description: For people with a round face shape, the width and length of their face is about the same. The widest section of their face appears to be the cheeks.

Guidelines: If you think you have a round face shape, you should select a hairdo that contains the most volume at the crown of your head. Avoid completely straight styles and ‘dos that add a lot of volume around the chin area. Look for longer, textured hairstyles  in order to slim your face and draw attention to your best features.

Hairdos: Many different hairdos can fall under these guidelines. Incorporating curls or waves into your wedding look will help to add texture and break up your face. For an updo, be sure to create plenty of volume at the top of your head, avoiding the more sleek varieties. If you would like to keep your hair down, create a deep side part to break up the circular nature of your face. Half updos suit the round face shape the best because the allow for length while producing plenty of volume at the top.

wedding hair for square face shape

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Description: For individuals with a square face shape, their most prominent facial feature is their boxy jawline. Their forehead, cheek bones, and jawline all appear to be of similar width.

Guidelines: If you have a square face shape, opt for styles with height and wispy details along the face to soften your boxy features. Focus on breaking up the exactness of the square shape with diagonal, side swept bangs and more generally, side parts.

Hairdos: Don’t allow your updo to be to far up on your head. A low, romantic bun with loose wisps will minimize squareness. If wearing your hair down, straighten your hair and create a middle part. While your strong jawline is an asset, it draws enough attention on its own and you should attempt to soften, rather that highlight, it.


Description: For those blessed with an oval face shape, the forehead is the widest part of their face as the lower features slim down into a small, rounded chin. Due to this gradual tapering, their cheekbones are their most easily recognizable trait.

Guidelines: Opt for styles that will break up the length of your face and add width. This can be achieved with thick bangs and styles with a focus on the mid-section of the face. Avoid covering your face or eyes with your hair. You have the freedom to choose which features of your face you would like to emphasize, just remember these guidelines when doing so.

Hairdos: One of the best ways to keep your hair from hiding your face is with an updo, showing off your proportionate face. You can pull your hair back into a slick pony tail or a loose bun, but strive to pull your hair back around the mid-section of your head, either to the back or to the side. You can still spotlight your face while your hair is down; create feminine waves that curl away from your face.

wedding hair for heart face shape

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Description: For parties possessing the heart face shape, the features taper downward toward the chin, similarly to the oval face shape but in a less smooth manner. Their foreheads are typically the most eye-catching feature with other focal points — such as the cheekbones or jawline — providing added interest, all culminating in a pointed chin.

Guidelines: A wedding hairdo for the bride with a heart-shaped face should be about balance. Concentrate volume around the jawlines and avoid slicked back looks. Keep the hair around the face loose. Opt for side swept rather than blunt bangs.

Hairdos: If you would like to put your hair up for your big day, create a slightly off-center part and pull your hair away from your face with feminine braids. If keeping your hair down, create volume at the chin area with curls that begin lower on the face.

Round, square, oval, and heart are the four major categories of face shapes. Some individuals break these shapes down further or under different titles, but the basic guidelines are the same. After reading the descriptions, try to come to terms with the face shape you were blessed with and move toward accepting that shape by selecting a complementary wedding hairstyle. In the end, you should select a hairstyle which you love and feel beautiful in. But knowing your face shape and the ‘dos that will most likely suit it may assist you during that selection process. The same hairstyles which you would never think to choose may actually be the best choice and have you saying “I do” to the ‘do!

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