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8 Fall Date Ideas Perfect For You And The Kids

Date you kids this fall!

Fall is a great time to do both indoor and outdoor activities with your children.  As the weather turns cooler and autumn harvests start to come in, there is a wide variety of fun activities to do with the kids.  I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite fall activities.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Fall just wouldn’t be the same without pumpkins.  While it’s easy just to pick up some pumpkins at the store, it’s, even more, fun to go to a pumpkin patch to pick your own.  Make a day of it. Maybe invite some friends to come along.  Many pumpkin patches will have lots of activities to do in their patch. Our local pumpkin patch gives tractor rides and has many farm animals that the kids can observe and pet.  Most pumpkin patches have fall-themed snacks like cider, hot chocolate, and cookies.

Visit a Corn Maze

Many towns have corn mazes that you can pay to visit.  Most charge a small fee to walk through their maze. Some will have mazes of differing sizes for different ages.  This is a great activity to get your kids running around and having fun.

Create With Leaves

If you are in an area where the Fall leaves change colors, there are so many fun crafting ideas that you can do with the kids.  First, have a good time collecting the colorful leaves.  Then bring them home and make unique things.  Ironing beautiful leaves between wax paper is a time-tested fall tradition.  Another is leaf pressing.  My daughter and I collected some pretty yellow Aspen leaves one year.  We put them in the family bible for safe keeping.  Later when I opened it up to the page we had some leaves on, all of the lovely yellow leaves were perfectly preserved and still beautiful. What a fun moment it was when those leaves fell into our laps.  A dictionary or thick book also works perfectly for pressing leaves.

Pick Apples

Look for a local apple orchard in your area that allows people to pay to pick.  There’s nothing that spells fall as much as making an apple pie or applesauce from apples you picked.  Just like pumpkins, an armful of apples makes a great fall photo opportunity.

Rake Leaves and Jump In Them

I love the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.  It always reminds me of playing in leaf piles as a kid. This activity never grows old.  Maybe you’ll even get some yard work done in the process.

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are such a healthy and tasty snack to make.  If you’ve visited a pumpkin patch and picked your own pumpkins, make sure to save the seeds.  You can also buy whole pumpkins at Walmart and most grocery stores this time of year. Simply put some oil in a pan (olive oil makes for a healthy option, but butter sure tastes great too).  Then thin out your seeds by laying them on a baking pan.  Bake at a low oven temperature until brown.  Try experimenting with adding salt, cinnamon, and even maple syrup.

Make A Scarecrow Or Dummy

First, find some old pants and long-sleeved shirts. Tie off the bottom of the pant legs and end of the shirts and make a scarecrow or dummy by stuffing the clothes with leaves.  Let your kids use their imaginations to create their stuffed person.  A pumpkin or basketball topped with a hat could be the head. Old shoes set down by the legs make for good feet. Gloves or mittens can stand in for the hands. You could have your scarecrow or dummy sitting down in a chair or on a step.  Or put a long pole on the ground to help support it to stand.

Go For A Hike Or Take A Bicycle Ride

Fall can be an excellent time to get moving. The cooler temperatures make it a perfect atmosphere to take a bike ride or hike through the woods. Autumn has a special feel and scent to it that can only be experienced by getting out there.


So which date idea was your favorite? For ideas for fall date night ideas for you and your man, we got you covered. 

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