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8 Fall Maternity Pieces That Are In Your Closet Right Now

Be comfy and cozy this fall.

Are you or a friend pregnant during this beautiful fall season? It can be hard as the weather gets warmer and more layers are necessary, to realize what would be best to fit your growing body. But, I am here to show you that there are plenty of options for you as you look to dress your blossoming belly this fall.

1. Loose Cardigans


These are popular with women that aren’t pregnant as well, and you’ll hopefully have some already in your closet. Cardigans are a great accessory to add to any t-shirt or dress this fall. Try a longer cardigan that goes to your thighs or knees to give you even more comfort. These are made to expand with your growing belly.

2. Flannels


Flannels are a staple of fall fashion, but what happens when you outgrow your favorite flannel shirt? Fortunately, you can purchase flannels through maternity sites. Or, you can unbutton the flannel you currently own to give yourself some more room. If you are anything like me, you might have extra large flannels that are perfect for wearing with leggings, so buying a new flannel won’t even be necessary.

3. Vests


These are great items to pair with any fall outfit. These are bulky and will expand with your stomach, not to mention they won’t make you feel like such a marshmallow as much as a coat will. Try to get a thinner vest for the fall, and a bulkier vest for when the real winter weather hits. Have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns with your current wardrobe.

4. Oversized Sweaters


Another current trend involves wearing sweaters much bigger than you need for extra comfort. These larger sweaters can expand and grow with you as the weather turns colder.

5. Tunics 


Tunics are created to move and grow with your body, so why not try them out during your pregnancy? You will most likely complete the look with stretchy leggings on the bottom.

6. Leggings


In the summer it can sometimes be too hot to wear your comfy leggings most days, but fall is true leggings weather. You can wear cute dresses, tunics, long tops, and sweaters with leggings. Not to mention they will stretch with you and make you feel ultra-comfortable each day.

7. Peplum Tops


These tops are perfect for any term of your pregnancy. Though I would suggest trying to find a maternity version of it in case, it doesn’t quite fit your chest area. The peplum will allow your stomach to have some extra space, and still give you a flattering shape.

8. Fall Colors


Just because you might have trouble fitting into some of your clothes, doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the colors of fall. Try to shop for maternity clothing in reds, oranges, yellows, olives, and purples. These will ensure that you are looking fashion forward this fall.

In conclusion, there are plenty of things that you already have in your closet that will work for your maternity wear this fall. Don’t be afraid to go to your local maternity store or shop online to find the best fall maternity clothing that works for you. I hope that whatever you wear this fall will be comfy and cozy for both you and the baby!


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