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Fall Myths: Don’t Be Afraid To Fall For An Autumn Wedding!

Getting married in the summer or the winter seems to be the thing to do… but what about the greatest season of them all? The time to fall in love and stay there? That’s right? How about a fall wedding? Let’s put these fall wedding myths to rest!


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You must have pumpkins and other fall decor present a as decorations on your big day.

False. You do not. Although fall decor would be easy to play with for a theme, you don’t have to have pumpkins or corn stalks at every table.

Instead try having your favorite flowers as a pop of color and tastes of burlap throughout or tree trunk slabs as accents for your decor. When you think of fall, you think rustic chic. What better way to achieve a fall wedding without being stereotypical of the necessity of having all the usual decorations than to have burlap and tree trunk wood slabs?


Fall is more than just Halloween though your bound to get the exclamation of,  “Marriage is about love and Halloween is the devils’ holiday! You can’t get married then!”

Well of course you can! You can get married any old time you want! If you wish to have a love like Morticia and Gomez, then any time during the fall may be perfect for you!

Fall colors

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Fall colors, scmall colors! If you want to have salmon and teal as your colors, go for it! There is nothing saying you have to match the trees and leaves. Many think this will make you clash against your back drop if you have an outdoor wedding, but you may be surprised what different photography filters can do. You may contrast in a wonderful and lovely way and not even realize!

Colors must be dark

If you don’t go with “fall colors” you must wear dark colors…False, who says? This is your big day! Many think that wearing dark colors will contrast them with the bright yellows and oranges of fall. That may be a pretty palate, but you do not have to wear any such thing if you do not wish to do so!

Your dress must fit the season

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Lace or silk. You must fit in with the season and if you don’t your wedding will be a disaster. NO. Not true at all. Whomever came up with the false facts/myths were off their rocker! Your dress may be any material or style you wish it to be. It all depends on your personal style and your theme.


Take a moment and think it over and fall in love with an autumn wedding. You won’t regret the beautiful scenery and the lovely, cool, crisp air surrounding you and your loved ones! Have you heard of any other fall myths out there? They are probably just as ridiculous; Don’t listen to them. If you’re having a fall wedding, you day will be perfect no matter the colors or the decor! Happy planning!

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