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Father of the Bride Problems: What If You Need Someone Else to Walk You Down the Aisle?

Walking down the aisle is a wonderful experience every bride dreams of, but sometimes a father is not available on that special day. Having someone walk down the aisle with you is a huge comfort, and that moment is so life altering that you will want someone to share it with. Here is a list of people that you could walk down the aisle with.

#1 An Uncle

An uncle from either side the family would be a highly appropriate person to walk down the aisle with, especially if you and that uncle have a close relationship. Choose an uncle that is closest to you, who has shared happy memories with you, will make you will feel secure, and is happy as you walk down the aisle together.

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#2 A Brother

Walking down the aisle with your brother, especially if the two of you are close, can be an amazing experience. This can create a strong bond and sentimental memories with each other, though I can’t guarantee that he’ll tease you any less after the ceremony. That’s what brothers do.

#3 A Grandfather

If you have a Grandfather who is still around, then it would be a wonderful experience to have him walk you down the aisle. Grandfathers are very special and can help make that time a sacred and a tearful moment for everyone. He would be beaming while walking his beautiful granddaughter down the aisle, and this memory would be cherished forever for both of you. Your grandfather is a perfect choice for such an honor.

#4 Your New Father-In-Law

If you get along particularly well with your new father-in-law, then it may be a nice gesture to have him walk you down the aisle. This can be a bonding moment that can strengthen your relationship. It will be an honor for him, and a comfort to you on this most special of occasions. However, be sure that your relationship is close enough for this to make you feel safe and supported as you walk down the aisle.

#5 The Groom

There’s no law that states the groom can’t walk you down the aisle. This can be a breathtakingly romantic gesture and  a symbol of walking into your new lives together. Make sure to supply tissues because this is sure to be a tender moment for you and all of your guests. It will also set your wedding apart from more traditional ceremonies. This untraditional walk up the aisle can resemble your last walk together as fiancees and will put emphasis on your vows.

#6 Your Mother

In absence of a father figure your mother can be a great replacement because of her impact on your life. She has been there through thick and thin, and can now be there for you as you walk into a new chapter of your life. Her love and support will make the walk sentimental and will help include her in your marriage as she gives you away to your future husband.

#7 Your Sister

Maybe there isn’t a strong parental figure in your life. Maybe the person that you fell most appropriate for the job is your sister. This is a unique, and unconventional idea that you can use to display to all of your loved ones the importance of your sister in your life. She has been with you through your awkward years, has a given advice, and maybe even covered for you as you snuck to meet the hubby-to-be. This important moment with be a time of growth between you and your sister as you walk together to meet your future husband and her future brother-in-law.

#8 A Close Friend

In absence of close family on your wedding day, it is may be a good idea to have a very close friend walk you down the aisle. This can be a childhood friend or a friend that you recently met and instantly clicked with. This is a kind gesture that shows your friend that you consider them family and that they are very important to you.

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#9 A Child

If you, or the groom, has children from a previous relationship, or together, you could have one of them walk you down the aisle. If there is more than one child, I would suggest having the oldest do it, even though it would be cute if you had one on either side of you. Not only is this sweet, it is also a touching moment for everyone involved. Your child’s cuteness factor will be talked about the rest of the night and will be a highlight of your wedding.

#10 A Religious Leader

Having an important religious leader walk you down the aisle can be a quite tender moment for you. If you choose a religious leader, choose one who knows you very well, who you respect and admire, and who is also a friend. This moment can give you courage, and can help you take your step towards marriage with your Faith as one of the main factors.

No one can replace your father, and choosing someone to walk you down the aisle in his place is not replacing him. Choosing someone to walk you down the aisle is an honor for that person, and will make them feel included in going with you into this life changing moment. Every bride deserves the feeling of support and love from the person who walks them down the aisle. Choose someone who has been there for you. Choose someone that knows your struggles. This can turn an intimidating moment into a beautiful memory and help you feel the joy of your wedding to the very fullest.

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