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Through Thick & Thin: Finding the Wedding Band to Fit His & Her Style

What’s Your Perfect Wedding Band?

After the proposal and the initial wedding plans for the wedding and future marriage, the bride and groom quickly come to realize how much they each must do to plan for their futures. One of the things that the bride and groom can do together is pick their choice of wedding bands. Luckily, this is a one of the more entertaining and least stressful decisions to make together because it will reflect your personal style and something you can show off every day. Plus, shiny things are fun.
Depending on your style and what you do for a living, your wedding band choice can function for whatever you need. Many couples even have a few types of wedding bands for different occasions. Some have the traditional band that matches their engagement ring, but also have matching silicone type wedding bands if they work in an industrial or have a heavy duty hands-on type job.

Either way, wedding bands are for the couple. Their wedding bands can be as creative and unique as their relationship. This article’s goal is to provide you with options and styles to choose from. We hope that these suggestions can give you and your sweetie a better idea of the options available for wedding bands, and help narrow down your options a bit more.

Work Wedding Bands

These bands are predominantly solid in color, but are offered in a wide variety. I have seen bands from traditional black to crazy neon green. These bands are good for those who do not want to wear their actual wedding and/or engagement rings to work, due to its nature.
These rings are made from a type of silicone/rubber material that is effectively durable, temperature tolerant, gasoline and oil resistant, and non-conductive, making it totally ideal for a work environment. You can easily tell these style of rings because they have a thicker, rubber look to them, but they are fit comfortably and not rub on your fingers. The last thing many people want to do is to bang up their expensive real wedding bands, but the silicone bands are incredibly affordable, so they make up for that fear. Depending on the brand, the prices can range from twenty to two hundred dollars.
There are also ceramic style wedding bands that are also considered to be great work wedding bands. These ceramic bands can easily be identified by their glossy finish, sometimes having designs engraved into them for additional personal style. These wedding bands traditionally do not scratch, chip, fade, or discolor. These bands normally cost around a hundred dollars, depending on the design and style, but are still very affordable and long lasting.

Many couples are opting for these style of rings because they are incredibly reliable and cost effective. They are a lovely addition to your wedding collection, with no fear of damaging your expensive jewelry.

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Platinum Wedding Bands

A more traditional wedding band that typically matches the engagement ring are the platinum wedding bands. These can be simple or they can be decorated in diamonds or jewels of your choosing. Some even have the option of having personal designs engraved on them. Many couples choose the platinum look because it is a naturally, white metal which typically well outlasts gold (and its gold pigment) for many, many years. It is also a heavier metal than gold, which makes it more durable and sustainable while wearing it.

No matter what style or design you get for your wedding bands, platinum wedding bands are beautiful and smart choice. Their prices are around nine hundred dollars or more, strictly depending on what you decide to purchase. Although more money, these wedding bands are perfect to match any engagement ring.

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Palladium Wedding Bands

Another white metal that looks similar to platinum wedding bands are the palladium style. These rings are also similar in the fact that they are classified as non-tarnishing, white metals that are strongly durable and hypoallergenic.

Palladium is a more rare metal than platinum, but its quality and look are quite beautiful. Its finish is long lasting, and most importantly, a bit more cost effective. Again, depending on the style and design, the prices can be around three hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

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Diamond Wedding Bands

These are always a good choice for wedding bands. They can match your engagement ring, or completely stand apart from it, depending on the style you choose. You can pick a wedding band completely covered in diamonds, one, two, or three rows of diamonds, big diamonds, small diamonds, colored diamonds, and many other options! The nice thing about diamond wedding bands are the fact that there are so many more styles and options.

Diamonds are known to be one of the strongest jewels known to man, so if you are concerned about scratches and blemishes, then stop worrying. When you choose a diamond wedding band, you also have the additional choice of selecting which type of metal you want the stones to be placed in, such as white gold, gold, and platinum. Although definitely more pricey, diamond bands are definitely worth every penny.

Wedding planning should be an enjoyable time in a couple’s life. And when you choose a wedding band, you are choosing something to represent a symbol of a true bond of love and matrimony, and it will stay on your finger for the rest of your life. So when you choose a wedding band, choose wisely and have fun.

Happy shopping!

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