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The Importance of Finding Time for Your Husband When The Baby Comes

A new baby doesn’t equal a neglected marriage.

Is a new baby leaving your relationship stagnant? Any newborn is going to take up the majority of your time.  He or she is going to depend on you for their most basic needs.  It’s easy to skimp on spending time with your husband after your baby makes his or her appearance.  But remember that men can feel a little left out after the baby arrives. If you are struggling to spend time together now that your new child is here, this article can help!

Date Night At Home

When your infant is small, it will be hard to take off for a date night.  Even the most trusted babysitter or family member just won’t do those first few months.  Nothing is going to take the place of mom.  The good news is that your baby is going to sleep a lot.  Why not have a  date night at home while the baby sleeps?  It can be as simple as having food delivered or renting a movie.

Listen To Your Husband

When your new baby arrives, you most likely become wrapped up in looking into his or her eyes and tending to his or her every need.  Make sure to listen to your husband when he talks.  Make the time to hear about how his day went at work.  Look into his eyes and actually listen.  Often it’s not what he’s saying that’s important, but the fact that you are taking the time to listen that counts.

Spend Time Together With Your Husband and Baby

It’s easy for a mom to take over full baby duties.  This can make your husband feel left out.  Let’s face it; mothers are created to nurture their children, especially those first few months.   If you are breastfeeding your baby, you are the one carrying all your baby’s nutrition. All of this can make your husband feel left out. Way out.  Make sure that he gets lots of time to cuddle and hold the baby.  It may be tempting to try to get work done while your husband holds your child.  Make sure to stick around and enjoy your baby together.

Make the Little Things Count

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that mean the most.  Try writing a little love note and putting it in his briefcase or packed lunch.  Or make a call or text during the day just to say hi.  Show that you are thinking of him and love him by putting some effort into small gestures. If he has a favorite treat or meal, now would be a good time to serve it up.  If he has a favorite outfit that you wear, surprise him by having it on when he least expects it.  Nothing is too small of a gesture to show that you are thinking of him.  It’s the little things that count.

In conclusion, it’s not so important what you do, but that you are spending intentional time with your husband. So why not start today? A little encouragement might be just what your blossoming family needs.

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