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The 10 Best First Christmas Gifts In 2020 You Need to Buy

Your first Christmas together as a married couple remains a memory you may treasure forever. However, finding that perfect gift to mark the occasion may prove a challenge. As a new couple, the budget may feel stretched, but you still need to find something extra-special to put under the tree.

Alternatively, you may have a new baby this holiday, or perhaps a new home. Consequently, that first gift remains of vital significance. Don’t worry because we have your back with our comprehensive list of first holiday gifts for family and friends.

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The First Christmas

We find ourselves living through extraordinary times. Consequently, we may find ourselves unable to explore the shops this festive season like we used to. With 40 percent of Americans planning to spend less this holiday, gifting may prove a challenge.

We have found some inspirational ideas for you this festive season combined with some budget-saving prices. The Baby’s My First Christmas Workshop Playset from Genius Baby Toys is an adorable gift at an attractive price. However, if you want something extra-special for the newborn’s first holiday, why not consider the ‘My 1st Christmas’ Picture Frame from Kate Posh?

Finding something special for your first festive season as a couple may prove challenging. After all, you have to get it right. The ‘Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament’ from Banberry Designs represents a stunning gift with room for a photo of the happy couple to hang on the tree every holiday.

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Christmas Bear

Online shopping remains a trend that grows from strength to strength every year. However, 2020 presents a set of unique circumstances, which means that many of us have no choice but to shop online. Consequently, Americans spent $601.75 billion online in 2020.

You may feel nervous about spending your money online this holiday, especially for those special gifts. However, our comprehensive list of gift ideas represents a wide variety of high-quality products with excellent customer feedback. And the prices may suit a variety of budgets.

1. My First Christmas Rompers Onesie

AGAPENG Baby Girl Christmas Outfit Baby Boy My First Christmas Rompers Bodysuit Onesie + Stripe Deer Print Pants 0-3Months
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My First Christmas Rompers Onesie from AGAPENG makes an ideal first gift for the family’s tiny newcomer. The set consists of cotton-cute baby clothing suitable for boys or girls in gorgeous bright colors with a lovely applique reindeer or Santa.

You may purchase the adorable outfit for babies starting at 0 to 3 months right up to 9 to 12 months, making it the ideal set to buy as the first festive gift.

The fabric feels plush and warm against the skin, and you may machine or hand wash the set. Plus, the unisex outfit contains a romper, pants, and a festive hat.

If you need something cute and inexpensive to give as a gift this holiday, the gorgeous Onesie set from AGAPENG remains the perfect solution.

2. Baby’s My First Christmas Workshop Playset

Genius Baby Toys | My First Christmas Santa's Workshop Playset; 5 Piece Set with Developmental and Sensory Surprise Toys (Santa Claus, Snowman, Reindeer, Elf) for Baby, Infants and Toddlers
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Many of us cherish the first toys we receive as children. They hold a lovely sentimental memory that we cherish throughout our adult lives, and we may even pass them down to our children. So, the Baby’s My First Christmas Workshop Playset from Genius Baby Toys makes a gorgeous present.

The lovely plush collection includes a fabulous soft candy cane frame where you may place a picture of the baby. The 5-piece playset consists of a snowman, elf, Santa, a snowman, and reindeer made from a soft plush fabric that proves incredibly cuddly.

The set proves suitable for babies of six months upwards. And each figure makes a distinct sound, including crinkle, jingle, rattle, and squeak.

The Baby’s My First Christmas Workshop Playset from Genius Baby Toys makes a delightful first Christmas present filled with sentiment and cuddly joy.

3. Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament

Creawoo Baby's First Christmas Rattle Ornament 2021 Year Dated Keepsake Gift for Newborn Baby Boy Girl Xmas - Natural Wood
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Collecting special Christmas ornaments remains a tradition for so many of us, and as our family grows, marking the occasion feels particularly special. Consequently, the Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament from Creawoo makes an ideal first Christmas present.

The charming three-dimensional wooden ornament features a gorgeous rattle shape with the words “Baby’s First Christmas” engraved around the globe. Additional designs such as stockings, elks, and stars feature the handmade piece together with a convenient hanging point and ribbon.

Creawoo uses eco-natural wood and black walnut to create the ornaments, which arrive in a beautiful presentation box.

The Baby’s First Christmas Wooden Christmas Tree Ornament from Creawoo is the perfect first Christmas gift and something the family may treasure for many years to come.

4. Mr. and Mrs. First Christmas Ornament from Creawoo

Creawoo Our First Christmas as Mr & Mrs 2022 Ornament, 1st Married Christmas Ornament, 3D Handmade Design Wooden Ornament with a Highly Quality Black Walnut Material
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The first Christmas as a married couple represents an extraordinary time to create magical memories. Consequently, the Mr. and Mrs. First Christmas Ornament fromCreawoo makes a memorable and thoughtful first Christmas gift.

The ornate ornament features a fabulous scene created out of eco-wood and walnut. The trees, stag, and deer sit on gently rolling hills in an open design with Mr. and Mrs. Hanging over them with a heart. The handmade decoration uses an open layered configuration to create a beautiful three-dimensional effect with the various tones of wood and engraving, enhancing the beautiful nature of the product.

The Mr. and Mrs. First Christmas Ornament from Creawoo is a beautiful piece of art to hang on the tree every year and may always remind the recipient of that first special Christmas.

5. First Christmas In Our New Home Ornament

HonbeanifyAABBCC First Christmas in Our New Home Wooden Key Shape Ornament - with Gift Box and String (Non-Personalized) (2020)
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That first Christmas in a new home stays with us most of our lives, and what better way to mark the occasion than a gift to hang on the tree? The First Christmas In Our New Home Ornament from Reaowazo does just that.

Reaowazo uses beautiful cherry wood to create the detailed key-shaped ornament and finish it with a protective glossy laminate layer to provide durability. The key design features the words “first Christmas in our new home” engraved into the wood.

The lovely gift arrives in a gold foil gift box complete with a ribbon to hang it from the tree. Furthermore, the piece originates from the US and the Santa Cruz area.

The First Christmas In Our New Home Ornament from Reaowazo represents a thoughtful first Christmas gift to give your loved one or a friend when they spend their first holiday in their new home.

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6. First Christmas Married Ornament

Klikel Our First Christmas Ornament 2020 - Ring Heart Ornament - First Christmas Married Ornament 2020 - First Christmas Together Ornament - Engagement Ornament 2020 - Wedding Ornament 2020
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Celebrate a couple’s first holiday with this elegant metal tree ornament that entwines love and celebration in one thoughtful gift. If you need to find a first Christmas gift for a newly married couple, the First Christmas Married Ornament from Klikel represents the perfect choice.

The stylish heart design captures entwined wedding rings made from non-tarnish nickel plate. The striking engraving states “our first Christmas 2020” around the open-heart design. And the ornament comes complete with a beautiful red ribbon to hang it from the tree.

The ornament may remain shiny due to the high-quality nickel plating. So, the beautiful ornament from Klikel is something the couple may treasure for many Christmas’s to come.

7. Baby’s First Christmas Rudolph Ornament

Lenox 2020 Baby's First Christmas Rudolph Ornament, 0.45 LB, Metallic
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Creating memories is what Christmas is all about. Lenox continues to strive to make the perfect gifts with a history dating back 130 years. Consequently, the Baby’s First Christmas Rudolph Ornament from Lenox remains an item to cherish for a lifetime.

With intricate detail and exquisite design, the metal figurine measures 6.8 inches by 4.3 inches by 3.2 inches. The design arrives crafted in a sleek silver plate with gold accents and a gorgeous ruby ​​red nose. The dainty figurine hangs from a lovely red ribbon with the words “Baby’s 1st Christmas 2020” engraved across the rocker on which Rudolph stands.

The piece represents timeless elegance with fantastic attention to detail. The hand-crafted ornament makes the perfect first-holiday gift as something to treasure for many years to come.

8. Our First Christmas Engraved Wood Picture Frame

KATE POSH - Our First Christmas Engraved Natural Wood Picture Frame - First Christmas Together Gifts, First Christmas as Husband and Wife, Gifts for Newlyweds, for Couples (5x7-Vertical)
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Earn some brownie points with this fabulous “Our First Christmas” Engraved Wood Picture Frame from Kate Posh. It represents the perfect frame in which to place that cherished photo of your first holiday together.

Artisans create the frame from high-quality wood, and fine laser engraving decorates the surface. Beautiful baubles and snowflakes adorn the body together with the words “Our First Christmas” in a flowing seasonal script.

You may place a 5 by 7-inch photo inside the frame, which measures 7.5 inches by 9.5 inches. The frame sits in the vertical position, and all the frames are hand-crafted by artists in California.

If you need to find a special gift this holiday, then the gorgeous Engraved Wood Picture Frame from Kate Posh makes a delightful addition under the tree.

9. My 1st Christmas Picture Frame

KATE POSH My 1st Christmas Picture Frame, My First, Baby's 1st Christmas, New Baby, Santa & Me Engraved Natural Wood Photo Frame (5x7-Horizontal - Classic)
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Every family wants to commemorate a baby’s first holiday, and there is no better way to display that perfect picture than in this wonderfully crafted picture frame.

The “My 1st Christmas” Picture Frame from Kate Posh measures 7.5 by 9.5 inches. You can fit a photo measuring 5 by 7 inches inside the frame. The Californian based company make the frames from high-quality wood and laser engraves the surface to achieve a beautifully detailed finish.

The engraving features the words “My 1st Christmas” and charming parcels, snowflakes, and a jolly Santa figure.

Memories stay with us forever, and this frame from Kate Posh can help you to treasure that memory for many years to come.

10. Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament

Our First Christmas Ornament 2023 - Silver Filigree Heart Shaped Photo Ornament - Xmas Picture Ornaments - Gift/Storage Bag Included
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Why not place a picture of the newlyweds inside this gorgeous tree ornament to create the perfect first festive gift? Alternatively, present the beautiful decoration to your husband or wife with a picture set in its heart of you both standing before the tree.

The “Our First Christmas” Personalized Ornament from Banberry Designs comes in a beautiful pewter finish with intricate detail around an ornate frame. You may place a picture of the newlyweds inside the frame to personalize the keepsake.

The charming filigree heart design features sparkling crystals set into its frame with a beautiful drop hanging from the bottom. The drop comes engraved with the words “Our First Christmas 2020”.

The overall length of the ornate ornament measures five inches. And the frame itself measures 1.5 inches by 1 3/4 inches.

Our First Christmas Personalized Ornament from Banberry Designs is a classic piece that may take pride and place on the tree for many years. Pretty and thoughtful, the gift may be ideal for giving to your new husband or wife. On the other hand, it makes the perfect gift from a friend or family member.

Our First Christmas Gift Ideas Explored


Up to 31 percent of Americans consider the holiday a frantic time of the year, while as many as 41 percent work too hard to achieve the perfect holiday. However, our comprehensive list of gifts inspires you to dispel any feelings of last-minute panic.

When you look for the first holiday gift for a baby, the “My 1st Christmas” Picture Frame from Kate Posh is perfect. The stylish frame is perfect for displaying a picture of the newborn. Plus, it is a gift that you may treasure forever.

Perhaps your recipients intend to spend the holiday in a new home. The “First Christmas In Our New Home” Ornament from Reaowazo represents a thoughtful, budget-friendly present to enjoy every year.

The holiday season needn’t feel stressful. A gift that makes someone smile is a gift that you treasure and love for many years. Whether it’s a tree ornament or a beloved picture in a beautiful frame, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

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Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry making business and sells his creations online.

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