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One Box of Tissues May Not Be Enough For These First Look Photos with Dads!

One of the biggest wedding controversies revolves around when and how you and your betrothed should first see each other on your wedding day.

Some couples stage an intimate first look while others lock eyes for the first time as the bride walks down the aisle. You can meet up with your soon-to-be hubby before the ceremony for a quick prayer, talk, or exchange of gifts, placing a door, wall, bandana or other mask between the two of you if you desire. No matter when you meet up with your man, he will be blown away and the moment should definitely be documented with photos.

But your man is not the only one that will be blown away by your bridal beauty! There are others who love you dearly, who have cared for you long before he was a glimmer in your eye, and who will be extremely emotionally affected by your appearance on your wedding day and all that it means.

One such person is your dad.

Dads are protectors, nurturers, their daughters’ first love. Dads are typically not the emotional type, but the reality of their little girls getting married is enough to bring even the most reserved man to tears. When a dad first catches a glimpse of his daughter on her wedding day, all these emotions are triggered. Be sure a photographer is there to capture that meaningful moment!

Your dad has always seen you as his little girl.

Even as you grew up, he continued to visualize you as his darling child.

But the sight of you in a wedding dress completely throws off his visions.

He is forced to accept the reality that you are not a child anymore.

first look photos with dads

He comes to realize that you are a beautiful, grown woman.

And that another man will now be your number one.

It may be a difficult reality to come to terms with at first.

You may need to dry his tears on your big day.

But they are happy tears!

He is happy that you are happy.

And he can’t wait to see what this new stage of life will bring.

You are entering a new stage of life and your relationship with you father will shift. But one thing will not change — his immense love for you. Capture the love only shared between a father and daughter with first look photos! The first look itself will be incredibly meaningful and you can look back on those photos in the future to remember that beautiful day and your father’s beautiful love.

Here are some ways to include dad in your big day!

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