Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle’n Swing Product Review

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The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing has two swinging motions to soothe your baby.  It can go from side-to-side cradle or the traditional head-to-toe swinging motion.  This swing has six speeds, 16 songs, and soothing nature sounds.  Features also include a two-position recline with three adjustable seat positions that include right-facing, center, and left-facing.

The seat cover and My Little Snugapuppy body insert with head support can be machine washed.  More fun features for your baby include a motorized mobile with a mirrored glove that shows animal friends dancing.  To run this swing, you can use the 120 volt AC adapter for battery-free operation or use 4 D batteries.

The dimensions of the swing are 14 x 12 x 30 inches with weight of 11.4 pounds.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Different Swinging Directions
  • Durability 

Most Talked About Features

As of this writing there were 1,077 customers who left feedback and 155 answered questions.  

In order to make your shopping experience easier, I've read through the reviews and answered questions and then condensed the results here into this report.  I hope that this helps you make a good decision when purchasing a baby swing.


baby swings

I read through the reviews for safety concerns and didn't find any.  Here is one parent's comment on the safety of the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing,

"It is sturdy and I have no safety concerns."

Ease of Assembly

baby swings

Overall, parents found that this swing was easy to put together.  Here is one of the ease of assembly comments, 

"I put this together by myself in under a half an hour. It was very simple, with easy to follow instructions."  

And another comment on the ease of assembly,

"Assembly was pretty easy (did require a screwdriver and included allen key). Took about 30 min. Appears to be very sturdy, as the legs are pretty thick. It does sway some when on, but nothing to be concerned about."

It's nice when screws are the same when putting products together.  It's hard enough to follow directions sometimes without having all different screws, nuts, and bolts. Thankfully, this swing uses the same screws.


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All motorized products, even vehicles, eventually wear out.  However, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing just keeps on ticking for quite a long time.  I wasn't finding any issues or parent complaints about the durability of this swing.  Here is one comment on the durability factor of this swing,

"The swinging motor in ours took a hit at month 6, but Amazon was really good about returning the product and we paid a small re-stocking fee. I feel we definitely got our money's worth out of it though. The motor was running consistently for a good 10-12 hrs a day on average for 6 months.. It's durable!"


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The price of the Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing is right about in the middle of baby swing costs.  Parents were not complaining that it was too high.  Most were satisfied with what they got for their money.  Here is one of the comments on price left by a customer,

"This is well worth the price, happy baby, happy mommy, happy daddy which makes a happy grandma. Would definitely recommend to all new moms and dads."


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The dimensions of the swing are 14 x 12 x 30 inches with weight of 11.4 pounds.  This swing is right about average size.  Here is what one parent had to say about the size of this swing, 

"My primary hesitation to buying a swing was the size.  We live in a small city apartment and I didn't want something that takes up half the living room. It does take up a large piece of real estate, but it was worth it. The moment we put our son in the swing, he was in heaven, and so were we."

Here is another comment on size,

"The only drawback to this swing that I can think of is the size. It is substantial - especially at the base. It is definitely not something you will move easily from room to room or pack up and take to grandma's house." 

Keep in mind though, that most swings will take up a good amount of space.  This is just the nature of baby swings.


baby swings

Parents liked that this swing could move from side-to-side and also in the traditional toe-to-head way.  One parent had this to say, 

"Nice that you can have 2 different types of swing - side ways and back and forth."

When shopping for swings, you may become overwhelmed by all the choices and features that each swing has.  One parent had this to say about choosing this swing,

"Does the job and that's all we needed. There are so many choices out there with all those extra features, flashy lights, etc. it was overwhelming selecting the right one. This was the right one. It's a swing, it's cute, and not as expensive as the others, but not a cheap product."

My Conclusion 

The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Cradle 'n Swing appears to be a durable middle of the road baby swing.  Both in the price and features, this swing satisfied most of the customers who purchased it.  I don't think you can go wrong with purchasing this swing if you are wanting a basic swing at an average price.

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