Fisher-Price Rock’n’Play Sleeper Product Review

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The Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper is a popular seat.  It can serve a dual purpose of being a sleeper and  a playtime seat all in one.  This sleeper has two rocking speeds for a hands-free rocking motion at the push of a button.  12 songs and 3 sound effects are included.

At nighttime and nap time, the inclined sleeper is made to lull your baby to sleep with soothing music and sounds.  Hands-free rocking can rock your baby the entire night long.  When your baby is ready to play, you can use the songs, sound effects, and a linkable clacker toy to keep your baby busy and entertained.  The seat is made extra-deep with breathable mesh sides.

This sleeper is lightweight and portable to make it easy for parents to bring along anywhere.  The pad is machine washable and dryer safe.  An AC plug provides battery-free operation.

Best Features of The Product 

  • Price
  • Rocking Motion
  • Transports Easily

Most Talked About Features

As of this writing, there were 1,224 reviews left on Amazon and 203 answered questions. I've read the reviews and also the answered questions, and then condensed the results here.  I hope that this helps you in picking out a baby bouncer for your baby.


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Several parents commented that they felt that this was a safe sleeper.  Many especially liked that their baby's head was elevated.  Here is what one parent had to say about the safety of the Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper.

"Highly recommended! I got this because my first born suffered from acid reflux and colic. I love the elevated sleeping for that very reason. I'm glad I got this because sure enough our new baby has horrible reflux and spitting up. He sleeps very well in this! I feel safe with him sleeping in this."


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A common complaint with the durability was that the band on the motor broke.  Parents got creative with how they fixed it.  But still, this is not a good feature.  Here is one comment explaining what one parent did to fix the band, 

"We really like it, but all the sudden it stopped working after 1.5 months, I looked at other reviews and opened up the motor, sure enough the rubber band had broke. I used a thicker black ponytail holder without the metal, and it has been working ever since. So if yours stops working , open it up and replace with thicker black hair tie. I first tried it with the thinner black hair tie and that didn't work so get the thicker ones, you can get them at most drugstores. Besides that, this has been great for keeping our little one sleeping."

Here is another way that another parent fixed the band when it broke by using a hair tie,

"My daughter was born on Sept 13th, I started using this product on the 14th and the belt for the motor broke after a couple days. My husband super glued it back together only for it to break again. Luckily he thought of the amazing idea to use one of my hair ties to replace the crappy belt. The hair tie works perfectly and we don't have any more problems. The hair tie is just a regular black hair tie, nothing special. So for all the other people complaining about the belt breaking on them just go and replace it with a hair tie."


Parents were not complaining about the price, as much as the motor quitting out so early.   The price is good, but not when it needs replaced or fixed after a couple of months.  Here is just one comment on the price,

"Price was great, much cheaper than in stores."  

The majority of people felt like the price was low.

Ease of Transport

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This sleeper is easy to transport.  Parents liked how easily it folded up.  Here is one of the many positive comments on how easy it was to move,

"I particularly like that this unit can be picked up and moved so easily."  

And another,

"I highly recommend it. It's also so nice that it folds up so it is easy to take places."


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The dimensions of this sleeper is 22.8 x 32.3 x 24.4 inches with a weight of 1 pound.  The size seems to be right in line with most of the jumpers on the  market.  Parents were not commenting either positively or negatively on the size.


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The most popular features as reflected in the comments was the rocking features.  Here is what one parent had to say about this feature,

"What a lifesaver! My baby loves to be soothed in this rocker. It plays music and ambient noises as well. It has a couple of different settings for the rocking which is great. Unless he is really fussy and wide awake, it lulls him to sleep easily!"

Another parent commented this,

"A nice sleep system for an infant. No worries about them rolling over on tummies, and the soothing rocking motion helps keep my baby calmed so I can actually get something done occasionally. "

My Conclusion 

This is a nice baby bouncer at at good price.  Parents liked that their babies could sleep with their heads elevated.  The rocking motion was the most popular feature.  However, the motor seemed to break after a couple of months for many people.  So the durability of the motor is questionable.  Other than that, this seemed like a comfortable sleeper that was easy to clean. I hope my review helps you as you look to purchase a baby bouncer for your child in the future. 

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