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Five Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

We all love our furry friends in one way or another. Whether we love going on long runs with them or simply curling up on the couch next to them and watching a good movie. They can either be our hyper and crazy friends, or a shoulder to lean on and cuddle with.

No matter their personality or relationship to you, it can be fun (and not to mention unique) to include these wonderful critters in your special day, in one way or another. Whether it be in pictures, or having them walk down the aisle with you, take some of these suggestions into consideration when thinking about how you want to involve your pup on your big day.

1. Include them as your cake topper.


Dog Wedding Cake Topper

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If you are one of those dog lovers who has more than one dog, or has a very hyper pet that would not behave appropriately in a wedding environment, then a cake topper is an excellent solution for you! There are surprisingly many different kinds of wedding cake toppers, ranging in size, durability, and price. If you do not want a cake topper, you could also have your baker create a dog themed cake, or have them bake a cake with an actual picture of your dog embedded on the top. Whatever you prefer, there are many different ways to incorporate your dog, without them actually having to be there!


2. Have them be the ring bearer.


Dog Ringer Bearer

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Struggling to find a ring bearer? Well, look no more! If you believe that your dog is well behaved enough to walk down an aisle with many people surrounding them, then this is an excellent and funny option! Your guests are sure to get a kick out of seeing your pup toddle their way down the aisle. So get creative with it! Make them a little sign that hangs around their neck, and write a cute message about a ring bearer on it! Or have the rings hanging from their collar. Whatever you decide, this is a cute alternative to actually having a ring bearer!


3. Have the flower girl bring them down the aisle.


Flower girl with dog

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If you still want to have an actual ring bearer, but would like your furry friend to walk down the aisle with the younger kids in some way, shape, or form, then have them on a leash with the flower girl is a cute way to do it! Instead of having the flower girl toss flowers onto the aisle, have her walk your pup down the aisle instead! You can decorate the leash with flowers instead, or simply buy a nicer leash to match the color themes, just to spruce up the whole sha-bang a little more!


4. Include them in the wedding photos.


Dogs in wedding photos

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This is one of the most fun ways to incorporate your dog in your special day! There are many different and creative wedding picture poses with dogs, so why not get fun with it? Whether it be just the bride and the dog and vice versa, or if you both pose with them, there are plenty of cool options and funny ways to get your slobbery friends involved.


5. Instead of a bouquet, carry your little pup!


Bride carrying dog instead of bouquet

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This idea is very sweet, and can be incredibly sentimental for some brides. If you are a bride that has gone through your single life with a dog, and that dog has helped you through the ups and downs, than this can be very meaningful for you. Or if you are a bride who has a service needs dog, this is another emotional and sentimental way to do this. Whether you just carry your dog (obviously if you have a big dog, this is a little harder), or you carry your bouquet and your dog, this unique walk down the altar will be a memory to remember, for sure!


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