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The Best Food Choices To Have On Your Big Day

Because everyone loves food.

Food is going to be one of the big hits of your wedding.  People arrive ready to celebrate with you bearing great gifts.  In return, they want to be fed, and some are even going to be verging on hangry by the time it’s finally time to chow down.  When all is said and done, people aren’t going to remember much about the escort cards, but they will remember how the food tasted.  Choosing what to feed your guests can be a fun venture.  Make sure to keep in mind the budget you want to spend on food.  Catering can get very pricey, so map out a food budget first before you get over your head in expenses.  Elegant or fun, there are so many choices to choose from. I’ll give some ideas here that you can use to get you thinking of what you’d like served at your wedding.

The Main Course

Taco Bar

Tacos are just plain fun. Guests can decide what they’d like on their tacos.  By setting it up as a bar, you won’t need servers.


Most everyone loves pizza, so why not have it for a wedding celebration.  It tastes good, you can have many different choices of pizza, and it won’t break your bank account.


Now you are getting into a bigger expense, but steak sure is going to be a hit with most people. Just make sure to have a vegetarian option for the non-meat eaters.  With steak you are probably trying to have a more elegant and sophisticated dinner, so you probably will want servers, and you are also going to want to ask each guest how they’d like their meat prepared from rare to well done.

Macaroni and Cheese Bar

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese?  It’s one of the best comfort foods, tastes great, and is inexpensive.

Fried Chicken

This Southern Classic is a hit with most people. You may want to have a baked chicken option for the health conscious.


Whether you or your groom are Italian or not, it makes no difference. Pasta and pasta salads are not only a big hit, but also a healthy choice. This option lends itself well to a buffet line.  Guests can choose from spaghetti, meatballs, lasagna, chicken parmesan and more.


Bacon, lettuce, and tomato can be served up in many ways, from regular sized sandwiches to mini BLTs.  By toasting the bread and maybe even branding in the letters BLT to the top piece of bread, these can be a real hit.  This is a very economical and tasty option.




Of course, your wedding cake is going to be the most traditional route. You can choose just to serve cake or to serve the cake with other desserts. Either way, everyone loves a good cake cutting ceremony.

Cookies And Milk

There are many cute ways to serve up cookies.  Adding little cups of milk is not only a nice addition to the cookie trays, but also one many guests will appreciate.


Just like cakes, there are many options of cupcakes to choose from.  From Red Velvet to the traditional chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and everything in between, you definitely won’t run out of options. The great thing about cupcakes is that if you have friends or family members who want to help contribute to the food, they can all help out by making some yummy cupcakes.


Whether mini-pies or slicing up regularly sized pieces, pies can be a big hit. You could even serve up ice cream with the pies.


Whatever your food choices are, make sure to plan it out and if options are given, make sure it’s on the invitations so when guests RSVP they can let you know what they’d like.  Whether you are hiring a caterer or doing it yourself with the help of family and friends, it’s useful to know how much food you will need.


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