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Forget Pickles and Ice Cream: 17 Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Because let’s be real, pickles and ice cream is neither delicious nor nutritious.


Although this popular phrase may be a realistic picture of pregnancy cravings for certain future mommas, it is most certainly not a yummy snack that anyone would want to consume. And as a pregnant woman, you must take precautions when it comes to eating to make sure you are providing the right nutrients for your future child.

Now while it is necessary to eat somewhat healthy to provide proper nutrients and not gain an abundant amount of weight, that does not mean you can’t have a sweet treat every once in awhile. But when future moms hear the words “healthy food” and “pregnancy” in the same sentence, they immediately think of the next nine months of torture that are going to follow.

But this does not need to be the case! There are plenty of delicious foods and snacks that pregnant ladies can snack on and still feel full, good, and healthy. Below are only some of the options available to all you wonderful women, so be sure to research and check out all the options available to you!


1. Cheddar Cheese Chunks and Grapes

Who doesn’t love a good handful of grapes and cheese? If you are not a fan of cheddar cheese, then choose your favorite type of cheese and chunk some up to store for a later snack. Make sure the grapes are completely washed for utmost safety from germs (remember, you have a child inside of you now!).

2. Baked Sweet Potato Chips

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Whether you purchase them from a store or make them yourself, baked sweet potato chips are delicious and very healthy! If you are purchasing them from a store, make sure to read the labels and compare, picking the healthier options. If you are baking them yourselves, experiment and have fun with different recipes! Click here for a healthy Paleo sweet potato chips recipe for all of you Paleo addicts!

3. Low Fat Muffins

Who doesn’t love a good, warm muffin? Whether it be blueberry, bran, banana, etc., pick your favorite low fat muffin and enjoy a good breakfast!

4. Apple or Pear Slices with Almond Butter

Whether you are an apple or a pear person, almond butter is a great and healthy alternative to peanut butter when it comes to dipping your favorite fruits in something creamy and rich! So slice up some of your favorite fruits (or celery, for that matter) and enjoy this sweet snack!

5. Pepper and Cheese Wrap

Grab a tortilla (preferably a sun dried tomato tortilla or whole wheat tortilla), roasted sweet peppers (and if you do not like peppers, another favorite veggie), and some of your favorite cheese. Roll up a quick wrap and you have the perfect scrumptious lunch!

6. Guacamole!

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Whether it be Triscuits, Wheat Thins, tortilla chips, or some raw baby carrots, make or buy some of your favorite guacamole and pair it up with one of these healthy options! If you make it, make a big spread so you have enough to snack on for a few days!

7. Tomato and Guacamole or Salsa Pita Pocket

If you are getting tired of tortillas, but still do not want to consume straight bread, whole grain pita pockets are a fun and creative option! Fill one of these with tomatoes and guacamole or tomatoes and salsa (we suggest fresh salsa for the healthiest option) to create a yummy sandwich alternative.

8. Chocolate Covered Almonds

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If you are wanting some dessert after your meal, a small handful of chocolate covered almonds will hit just the spot! If you have the option, choose dark chocolate almonds for an even healthier option when it comes to dessert!

9. Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

Click here for an easy and delicious chocolate smoothie recipe that will make your sweet expectations and qualifications, but will also give you a healthy boost you might need.

10. Greek Yogurt

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While you do not want to have yogurt for every single snack of the day, having a Greek yogurt every once in awhile is actually very good for you. If you are looking to get in the dairy amount you need for a day, having a strawberry Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of delicious granola and topped off with fresh blueberries will give you just what you need!

11. Trail Mix

Yes, you need protein. And lot’s of it! Trail mix with nuts and raisins, or different dried fruits and nuts, mixed with a few wonderful chocolate pieces, will give you the protein kick you may be craving!

12. Baked Kale Chips with Parmesan

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Need some greens? Throw some kale on a tray and bake in the oven until they reach the crispiness level you desire, and then grate and sprinkle some Parmesan on top for added flavor.

13. Granola Bars

No, not the delicious ones that are covered in chocolate and are peanut butter flavored (I mean, unless you worked hard and want to treat yourself). Rather, get some of the delicious fruit or nut flavored granola bars that will suit your taste!

14. Whole Wheat Cheerios

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Whether it be for breakfast or a snack, a bowl of cheerios (plain or with low fat milk) are a great option to start your morning (or afternoon break) off right!

15. Mangoes

Although just a fruit, a mango is a delicious tropical fruit that is perfect for an after dinner snack to cure the midnight cravings.

16. Pumpkin Seeds

If you are not a fan of pumpkin seeds, then Sunflower seeds are another amazing choice you have when it comes to snacking on some scrumptious seeds! If you are feeling extra healthy, unsalted seeds are the best option!

17. Chocolate Milk

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Not the whole gallon. But a small glass of low fat chocolate milk will give you the chocolate you need as a pregnant momma, as well as the dairy you may need to face the day ahead of you.

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