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From Spring to Fall: Color Palettes For All Seasons of Weddings

Every season is wedding season! However, you might not want to use every wedding color palette during every season. Something about cranberry and silver doesn’t really seem to fit a summer wedding. You can’t be afraid to experiment or do something unusual! But for those who are reserved about the whole color palette idea, there are certain colors that emphasize the amazing elements of every season.
When you do pick your date, one of the next things you do (after the venue, of course) is pick your wedding colors. Your wedding colors will help influence everything from your wedding dress to the plates you use to the flowers. We have condensed it to a few color choices for each time of the year to help narrow down your decision.

Fall Color Palettes

Fall is known for the colors of changing leaves and rustic colors. Fall is the perfect weather for that homey feeling, where all you want to do is eat pumpkin roll and watch the leaves fall. Bring these color inspirations and fall ideas into your fall wedding with these color combination ideas:

Pumpkin, Tangerine, White, Light Blue

This combination is great for the outdoors. It incorporates the deep orange of pumpkin with lighter colors. It also perfectly brings out the autumn feel as a whole. The pumpkin coloring can be utilized in any style wedding.

Embrace these colors by decorating with actual pumpkins or have part of the events of the day take place in a pumpkin patch. This color combination can be a lot of fun and completes the autumn look!

Cinnamon, Yellow, and Beige

For a more classic look that doesn’t incorporate the traditional pumpkin color in the autumn wedding, these colors pop! The cinnamon and yellow are a great combination for autumn, and the beige helps tie everything together.

These colors bring up a vintage or classic theme to the table. Emphasize the romance and the glamour of the event with an elegant venue and a large multi-tiered cake.

Winter Color Palettes

Winter gives you an opportunity to use warmer colors. There is something magical about the glitter of the snow and the season of Christmas time that makes winter weddings a real winter wonderland treat. Here are some great color ideas for anyone considering a winter wedding:

Gold, Champagne, White, Custom Tan

This is the best season to use gold! It looks great on top of a winter background, plus it is warm and dramatic! These colors allow for you to add a lot of classic flair to your attire and the venue with glitter, crystals, and chandeliers. These colors are for someone who wants to shine on her wedding day!

Ice, Silver, Blush, Custom Blue

If you’re going for a more relaxed atmosphere, these colors make everybody feel right at home. The lighter colors look great against a snowy backdrop. These color ideas also give a sense of warmth and love – like you’re cuddled up on the couch drinking hot coca. If you are looking for a more toned down color palette that is not as extravagant, but still elegant, these colors are an excellent choice!

Spring Color Palettes

This is the time for bright colors and lots and lots of flowers! Many spring weddings are outside and are surrounded by rich wildlife and scenery. Spring is a great wedding season because the weather is incredible and perfect all at the same time. If you are interested in a spring wedding, you can consider these color choices to sprucen up your wedding:

Classic Yellow, Slate, Celery, Cream Rose

Here, you have a multitude of colors from the bright yellow to green to light pink. These different colors help match the different colored flowers and other plants that grow during spring perfectly. The yellow stands out more than the other colors and definitely dominates the color scheme, but the other colors hold their ground and provide a good color mixture for the overall spring scheme.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Teaberry, Ashwood, Celery, Coral

This color combination is romantic and soft. These colors are definitely light but still vibrant. The teaberry, ashwood, celery, and coral would work great with a vintage wedding in a garden or a classic wedding in a gazebo! Although these colors give a more rustic and vintage feel, you can still use them in a modernized wedding just the same!

Summer Color Palettes

Summer is a convenient season that offers a variety of options for color palettes. You can be bright and bold or keep the colors muted. It’s entirely up to you and your taste, and what your future spouse might prefer. But while it is a flexible season when it comes to palettes, here are a few options to give you a few ideas:

Sugar, Turquoise, Latte, Ashwood

These colors have a classic appeal that match just about anything. You do not need to worry about what venue you have your wedding in. These colors are very romantic and are perfect for any type of wedding. They work especially well in summer with the subtle turquoise, bringing color to the classic look.

Chartreuse, Azalea, Carrot, Grey

The bright, neon colors are the most appropriate during the summer season. Use these bright accents to inspire the flowers and make the bridesmaid’s dresses pop. It’s fun, it’s flashy, and it’s great for a summer wedding. The grey is classic, and the colors make it more modern and exciting.

The main colors are going to be the bright neon choices, with the grey shadowing behind to add the perfect accents. Enjoy yourself and have fun with it! This is great for a couple who enjoys to play.

You can have a beautiful wedding during any season and you can also have any type of wedding at any season. Remember to have fun and pick colors that will open your creative mind and make the process enjoyable. This is your wedding day. Make it everything that you want it to be!

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