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Fun Engagement Announcement Ideas for the Fun Couple

Your engagement announcement says a lot about you as a couple. Are you the type of couple that is drop dead adorable? Or are you guys fun and edgy? Fun engagement announcements will entertain your guests and make them more apt to come because of the smile you guys will bring to their faces. Here are some fun engagement announcements that are extremely cool and entertaining.

Make Your Own Movie

Make your wedding a movie premier event by announcing your engagement in a preview. You and your fiancé can star on the cover and then have your bridal party in the credits. The best part is that you can choose the title of your movie. These include “Stuck Together”, “The Beginning”, etc.

Cheesy Joke

Everyone loves a good cheesy joke, so by including one in your announcement, you are guaranteed a yes. Whether your cheesy joke is a pun or a reference from “The Office”, this will sure to get your guests’ attention and be the joke of the night at your wedding.

Include Your Furry Friend

Do you both have a beloved pet that you want to include in your announcement? Whether you both share the pet or it only belongs to one of you, it is a cute touch to add to a wedding invitation. By including your pet, you are able to add some fun to the announcement since no one would be expecting it, unless you are a die hard dog lover.

Childhood Throwback

This is a super fun way to tap into your inner child when creating your engagement announcement. Not only is this idea retro, but it will bring back all of the ambiance of being a child to your friends and family when they receive this announcement. Fill up all of the picture slots with photos from your engagement shoot to make this engagement announcement extra special.

Channel A Celeb

Channel your inner Beyoncé when taking photo shoots for your engagement announcement. There are not many times in your life that you can mirror Queen Be herself, but announcing that you are no longer a “Single Lady” is definitely one of them. Your friends and family will giggle at your fierceness and the cleverness of this engagement announcement.

Puns Always Win

Puns always go well with all types of senses of humor. Making one to announce your engagement will bring bright smiles to the faces of everyone who sees your engagement announcement. Get creative with the pun by including a favorite shared hobby or interest to make this fun announcement even more personal and cute.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Light up your guests eyes by sending this extremely creative, bright engagement announcement. For this you need a good photographer and a lot of patience, but the end result is simply stunning. This will be sure to find itself on the refrigerator of every household it is sent to because of its beauty and utter brilliance.

Incorporate the Seasons

Fall in love with this idea of announcing you and your fiancé’s big news. Incorporate your favorite season in your announcement to add an inspirational touch. This could either be shown by displaying fall leaves that read bride and groom or by writing in the sand your engagement in the summer. The opportunities are endless for this announcement that will stand out from all of the rest.

Be Honest

If you have been talking to your girls about how he still hasn’t popped the question, this is definitely the announcement for you. Not only does it describe how honestly impatient your were but it also describes you and your fiancé’s fun-filled relationship that is full of humor and being real with each other.

The important thing to remember when taking photos and planning for your engagement announcement is to be yourselves. The guests will initially like its creativity, but it will be the personality and love that brings them to the wedding. Neither personality, nor love, is lacking in your relationship so use the engagement announcement as a creative and fun outlet to express your individuality as a couple.

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