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8 Fun and Fresh Ways To Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery Walls

One of the most fun rooms to decorate in your house is the nursery.  You can truly go all out from fantasy to sport themes to fun color patterns that might not work as well in other parts of your home.  I’m going to go over some fun ways to decorate nursery walls.  The nice thing about walls is that what you choose to decorate those walls with won’t take up any more space in the room.  With other decorations and also furniture, you will have to limit yourself.  With walls, you are only limited by the windows and doors.  Other than that, most nurseries will have four walls that are free for all the decorating fun.  The following are some fun ideas.

Framed Lullabies

nursery art

Framed pictures can brighten up nursery walls.  The nice thing about them is that they can go well with almost any wall color.  If you want to add a creative look to your baby’s room, you may want to try hanging framed lullabies.  If you want it to be specifically for a boy or girl, then choose which lullaby you want to use.  For example, you may want a lullaby such as Sleep Softly Precious Girl for a girl’s bedroom, and Little Boy Blue for a boy’s bedroom.

Framed Quotes

nursery art

A beautiful and creative way to decorate a nursery room is to hang framed quotes on the wall.  There are a lot of quotes out there that may express how you feel toward your little one.  Take the time to look through different quotes until you find the one that you like the best.

Alphabet Walls

nursery art

The alphabet can look fun on your nursery room’s walls.  The nice thing about it is that it can go with any gender so that they can be hung in both boy and girl rooms.  And in the future, this may help him/her learn the alphabet.

Hang Your Child’s Name on the Wall

nursery art

Adding your child’s name to the nursery room can make it so much more personal.  There are many ways to put your child’s name on the wall.  You may choose to simply write it on the wall with a permanent marker, or buy it online.  Some people make their own by using driftwood or pinecones.  Ones that are homemade can be interesting and unique, since it comes from the imagination of the parents.

Wooden Accent Wall

nursery art

Wood can add a rustic look to your baby’s room.  If possible, you may want to match the wall with other nursery furniture, such as a wooden crib or changing table.

Library Wall

nursery art

A fun way to decorate a nursery wall is to have shelves full of books.  All you need is book ledges and some fun books that your little one will like.  Don’t forget to have a comfy chair nearby so that you can snuggle with your baby anytime and read a story.

Map Mural

nursery art

To add an interesting and creative look to the nursery room, you may want a map mural.  They can be purchased online.  Some people like to add a wood-trimmed frame around the map to add a completed look.

Checkered Walls

nursery art

Checkered walls can add a colorful and bright look to the nursery room.  Some people choose to use lots of different colors, while others made every other one be the same color.

Final Thoughts

The world is your oyster when decorating your baby’s room.  There are no rules for decorating a nursery, so be as creative as you’d like to be.  I’ve gone through some ideas to get you started on the planning.  Have fun and don’t be afraid to try something bold and exciting. Good luck!

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