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How to Incorporate Your Pets In An Engagement Announcement

Pets hold special spaces in their owners’ hearts. When you love your pets, you want to incorporate them into as many elements of your life as possible and engagement announcements are no exception. Check out each idea below to acquire a variety of options for you to consider for your own pet-friendly engagement announcement.

1. Let Your Pet Announce

pet Engagement Announcement

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Dressing your dog up in a shot that says something along the lines of, “my mommy and daddy are getting married” is a sure way to capture the attention of your guests. You could also purchase a collar tag with the same title and include a close-up of it on the announcement. Putting such a picture up on social media accounts helps you get the word out to more individuals and gives them a first look at the photos.

2. Add Some Humor

funny Engagement Announcement

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Seeing your pets on the announcement will likely make people smile, so take advantage of that positive vibe. Continue this light-heartedness in the overall tone of your engagement announcement. For instance, you could take pictures of a mock ceremony with your pet as the officiant, or you could set up a mock dance floor with your pet running the DJ booth. Announcements and invitations help set the tone for the wedding, and these scenes can contribute to that effect.

3. Dress Your Pets

While you probably don’t want people to see you and your partner in your wedding gear until the big day, your pets can show off their stylish sense of fashion. Putting them in a little wedding dress and tuxedo is an adorable way to make the announcement. Scour the internet for outfits online, or see if a talented person in your family can make the clothes.

4. Head to Your Reception Site

beach Engagement Announcement

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Find out if your reception site allows you to take photos there and to bring your pets to the area. Not only do you get to bring your pets with you to the place where you’ll celebrate your nuptials, but you can also convey important information about the location to your guests. Some people will likely have to travel, so they will appreciate knowing about the location from as soon as the engagement announcement.

5. Visit Your Favorite Dog Park or Trail

park Engagement Announcement

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When you’re big dog lovers, you likely have a favorite spot where you like to bring your pooch to explore the great outdoors. If this is true, you have the perfect scenery for snapping some photos. Also, you are in a place where everyone is comfortable. The space may have a very low fee or none at all, so you don’t have to spend a great deal of money on these announcements.

6. Take Candid Shots

Candid engagement announcement

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If you consider your dog a member of the family, you want to show people how much fun you all have together. Instead of opting for posed photos, ask the photographer to take pictures of the two of you just having fun with your best friend. You’ll show your guests how excited your entire family is to take the next step together.

7. Incorporate Shy Pets

Some of your furry friends are probably not too excited to get in the pictures. While your dog might leap for joy at the opportunity to spend even more time with you, the cats may entirely shy away from the photo. Even if you cannot get them front and center in the pictures, let them hang out in the background. Also, birds, hamsters, and other smaller pets may feel safer if they can stay in their cages or habitats while the pictures are taken.

8. Remember Their Needs

picnic engagement announcement

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Going out for the day and taking hundreds of photos might seem like fun to you, but that doesn’t mean your pets feel the same way. Remember to bring food and water for them. Also, ensure that the environment does not contain any toxic elements. If they walk on grass that just had chemicals put down, for example, licking their paws later could prove deleterious or even fatal. Make sure that you bring your dog for walks, and give your pets a break from the camera.

9. Choose a Pet-friendly Photographer

You may also run into trouble if your photographer does not know how to work with pets. Some people choose to have relatives or friends take the pictures for their engagement announcements. If that’s what you choose, you have a little more flexibility with the situation. In the event that you hire professional photographers, speak with the company to find out if the team members have experience working with pets. Choosing a company that can respond to that inquiry in the affirmative is a smart idea.

10. Plan for the Unexpected

Unplanned engagement announcement

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While you and your partner can listen to instructions on how to pose and where to go, that doesn’t mean your pets will. As pet parents, you are probably already aware of the unpredictability factor. Realize that even if your pictures do not come out perfectly posed, they are the perfect representation of your family.

11. Reward Your Pet

If you are a big pet-lover, then you probably take plenty of photos of your furry friends, meaning that your pets are familiar with the camera. Even if this is the case, this day will likely prove longer than other photo shoots. Once you are finished with the photo shoot, reward your pets. Let them know how much you appreciate all of the help they gave in creating the right pictures for your engagement announcements. Then, you can all go home to rest; your pets will appreciate that.

Your furry friends are like children or best friends to you, and want to incorporate them into your engagement announcements is inevitable. Now you have a variety of creative options for doing so. When deciding how you want to pose for your pictures, also take your pets’ needs into consideration. Doing so will make for a happy and productive day for everyone involved in the photo shoot.

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