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Auto Insurance Review: Geico

Geico is the nation’s 2nd largest auto insurance company.  They are known mostly for their low rates offered directly to consumers online and over the phone. If you’re looking for an affordable car insurance policy and you like managing your own accounts online, then Geico might be perfect for you.  Geico is who I have been with for the last 5 years or so. So far I like them, but I have not turned in a claim.  I chose them primarily for their low rates.

Some of the features that they offer are:

auto insurance

Emergency roadside assistance: For around $14 a year, you can add on emergency roadside assistance coverage.  This can help if you have a dead battery, lock yourself out of your car, run out of gas, or need to be towed.

Auto Repair Xpress is designed for when your car is in the shop as the result of a claim.  A claims adjuster will meet you at the auto repair shop, explain the repair process and then answer any questions that you may have.  If you have rental reimbursement in your policy, Geico will pay for your rental car.

Mechanical breakdown coverage: This add on feature covers repairs to all mechanical parts of a new vehicle up to 15 months old and with less than 15,000 miles.  This feature does not cover problems caused by wear and tear.  There is a $250 deductible with this program.  Mechanical breakdown coverage is renewable for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles.  Mechanical breakdown coverage does not pay for regular maintenance such as tune-ups.

Ridesharing insurance:  If you drive for a company such as Uber, this option allows you to have one policy that covers both personal and ridesharing use. You may want to replace your existing auto policy with this hybrid insurance on the ridesharing vehicle only.  This option is not available in every state.


Helpful Website – You can get a quote for almost any type of insurance through Geico’s website, and then submit a claim or make a payment.  Geico’s website also has a feature to help you find the nearest gas station that has the best gas rates.

Convenient App – My second favorite thing about Geico, (second only to their low prices), is the convenient app that allows me to pay my bill in seconds.  I pay my bill monthly.  The whole process takes about 20-30 seconds to complete.  Their app also helps you keep track of your policy details, access your digital auto insurance ID card, and submit claims.  You can even use the app to communicate by text with an agent or request roadside assistance.

Price – As I mentioned above, I choose Geico for their low premiums.  Many others have switched to Geico for this same reason.

Military Discount – Geico offers discounts to federal employees and military officers.  There are additional discounts for which drivers can qualify, making rates even more competitive.

Organizational Discounts – Professional groups, alumni associations, employers, charities, and societies are all eligible for discounts.


Many Complaints – Geico is at the top of the list for customer complaints.

Known to Raise Rates For Unfair Reasons – One of the drawbacks of any insurance company is that they can raise rates without much notice. Unfortunately, GEICO is one of those companies that has a history of raising rates.  However, keep in mind that the rates are low to start with.

What Other People Are Saying

auto insurance

If you look up complaints with Geico, there are plenty.  In fact, the Better Business Bureau broke down 3 of the largest auto insurance companies according to complaints.  Geico did top the list with 2,467 complaints, followed by State Farm with 1,764, and then All State with 1,511.

There were, however, a lot of positive quotes that I found about Geico.  I will start with a positive one that represented what others were saying,

“I have had insurance with GEICO for many years and have always received wonderful and timely service. Whenever I need their service, the representatives are always courteous and helpful. I recently had a car accident and called to file a claim. Their response was very timely and handled very professionally. GEICO took care of everything from a repair shop close by and a rental car. They also contacted me frequently to keep me abreast of my claim.”

And then there were the multitude of complaints such as this one:  

“I have been with Geico for decades. I have paid big bucks and I was told I got no-fault credit which means that, even if I made a mistake in the car accident, they won’t raise the premium. However, recently, they raised my half-yearly premium from over 900 dollars to over 1200 dollars without explaining the reason. I called to ask. They told me it’s because the frequency of car accidents on my car. I know that there were several car accidents that happened to my car in recent years in Miami, Florida. But none of them were my fault. Geico agrees it’s not my fault, but they still decided to keep the decision to increase the premium.”

Cost and Process to Join


Geico is cheap and easy to join.  If your primary sales decision is price like mine was, then Geico should definitely be a company to consider.  In rate and quote tests, every year Geico comes in as the cheapest.   In one study, Geico tested at 27% below the nation’s average.  If you are a good driver with little claims history, you will get some of the cheapest insurance rates out there.

Customer Support

auto insurance

Geico offers 3 ways to contact them which are:  over the phone, on their website, and on their mobile app.  They do not score well in the customer support area.  See above under the topic of “What People Are Saying.”  Maybe one of the reasons their rates are so low is that they skimp in other areas.

My Conclusion 

If you are looking for rock bottom prices, Geico has them.   Plain and simple, Geico is cheap. They have an easy to use website and mobile app where you can pay your bill, submit claims, and track your policy.  The process to join is quick, easy, and painless. However, an area of concern is with complaints.  Geico has some of the largest percent of complaints out there for their customer service. I hope that my review of Geico can help you as you look to purchase auto insurance in the future. 

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